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The year was 1983 when a 9 year old began to prophesy to me  that the "the waters of heaven would flow down upon my  house and out to all parts of the world."" At that time, I did not have a house, only an apartment and I had never heard of the world wide web!

Then in the 90's, I had a dream that I would minister to a long line of people, standing on a highway 12 miles long, from a little white house "in the east." I asked the Holy Ghost, how will I be able to fit all those people into that little white house.  I had not yet  heard of the internet highway where people communicated with each other "on line."  

The year was 2002.  I now had a website and I had begun to minister to people online when the Holy Spirit spoke saying"See, Pam."  you are "online" and you are now living east of where you once lived." 
I moved into the little white house on October 19, 2016.   I am prepared to be a vessel for the "waters of heaven" to flow  anywhere internet is working. 
On Labor Day, 9/6/21, Exodus Internet Church was established with the mantle of Moses and the power and authority from the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  
Recently, we had our first healing that came through prayer.  A woman from another state  was rapidly "wasting away" from a debilitating disease  has "come back to life!"  Listen to  the prayer that set her healing in motion which is in a box in the left column of this page.

Did you listen?  That woman is well now!  Her recovery occurred 10 hours after she heard the prayer.  She heard it at night and woke up "changed!" 

Do you feel like you need healing of spirit,  mind, body and soul? Do you have a physical ailment that you would like the Lord to heal?  Are you troubled by some spiritual things happening with you that you feel like no one else around you understands? Are you damaged by the church or by religion? Do you need to be delivered from some challenging situations in your life? Do you need to talk to someone about some spiritual struggles you are having? Are you seeking a private space, without judgment, to share about your challenges and receive healing, deliverance or restoration?

If so, get in touch and I will speak with you personally and create an audio prayer for YOU!


Fervent Prayer Avails Much!!!

EIC will send you an audio prayer to fit your personal need. 


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