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You Can Make A Difference with EIC!

Become a Spiritual Warfare Supporter!!!

The time has come for Exodus Internet Church to raise the rod of Moses in all
things. We also stand strong in the power of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus
Christ. So when you support EIC, you are among a special group of aware
believers whom the Lord has led to stand with us to see more people set free
and remain free through the ministry of deliverance counseling.

Your faithful donations enable us to:
 Train and equip more pastors, ministers and lay 11th hour workers to cast
out demons and stand against Satan’s principalities and powers, aka
fallen angels. We have compiled a spiritual arsenal of 18 books, 500
videos, 20 courses, Internet workshops and thousands of articles that we
would like to distribute free of charge to indigenous believers around the
world. We seek your help so that we will continue to supply not Nigeria,
South Africa but other countries as well.

 Continue to develop competent and anointed spiritual warfare resources.
The reality is that resource development takes finances. Therefore, your
gift helps to enhance and expedite our ability to train and support
pastors and deliverance ministers both in the USA and worldwide.
Missionaries and ministry leaders abroad simply do not have the finances
to purchase our products. Very few are even capable of Giving more
than $5 or $10 a month in US currency. As the Holy Spirit provides, EIC is
committed to issue our products and programs to various international
members at no charge.

Your needed donations will help us expand the availability of our services in the
USA to those with limited funds. As our members make a faith investment in
their own spiritual journey to freedom, we selectively subsidize the financially
challenged who manifest fire and zeal to be completely free. As monthly giving
increases, our resources will be more widely available.

Could you become a Spiritual Warfare Supporter with a monthly gift?

Every donation helps, even a one time gift. EIC is so very thankful and grateful
for YOU!

Let’s Do This Imperative Work Together!

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