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Vision for Exodus Internet Church

Our founder has been a minister since 1981 and online since 2002.  Forty years of ministry has revealed to Pastor Sheppard that there is a spiritual urgency to serve Christians worldwide, where untold millions of people have no shepherd or they sit under authority that has damaged them over time.  


Whether you come out of your local fellowship or you stay is up to you.  At EIC, we believe that God has spoken to us several times, with a word of warning out of the scriptures in Revelation 18:4:    "Come out of Her My People, lest you partake of Her sins and receive of Her plagues."


These words were written through the Apostle John 2000 years ago. Previous church generations probably thought the warning was for them.  Having heard from the Lord on these matters, Pastor Sheppard  suspects that these words partiularly  apply to this present day generation. For  as the plague of Covid 19 attested to in early 2020,by necessity. churches worldwide were forced  to shut their doors, as a warning and a sign from God.  

Whether you believe this or not, one thing we all can agree on. 



So our intent at EIC, is that we will not provide our members with a "church as usual" experience. 

Due to various timezones, we are not starting out with live services. Instead, every month beginning in January 2022,  we issue a pre-recorded SEED, the word of God in different formats: An assembly, A bible Study, A talk show, and a recorded prayer. Members  log in to receive their SEED for the month. The SEED is also automatically emailed to members.  


We also have a fellowship network blog, trained mentors and coaches for those who desire one on one or group edification.  Our pastor is a professional, pastoral counselor who is available on Zoom and telephone, always looking for ministers to train and uplift the fellowship. 

At present, we have three  forms of membership plans. 


1.The Free World member lives either in the United States or abroad.  Members may or may not be members of a local church in their own community.  this member does not active in counseling. 


2.  International members are those who live in Asia and Africa.  Members who are in active once a week  counseling with Pam Sheppard Ministries can register in this plan if they choose to. 

3.  ASSET members receive independent self study with ebooks, course, seminars  and workshops.

As additional ministries are added, make sure you join our mailing list to keep updated.  You can find our "join" feature in the footer of every page. 

To become a Free World or International Member, 





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