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Who We Are


In the days of Moses, the Golden Calf was synonymous with idolatry of that day. 

 The mission and the vision of Exodus Internet Church  is connected to the fact that the enemy has taken over Christian pulpits worldwide, where false teachings are rampant.  EIC has a mission and a vision  to help you overcome in the evil day.


 EIC desires to MAKE DISCIPLES of YOU by the hand of God. The goal is to help YOU develop your skills, gifts and talents, so that you are able to take facts and knowledge and turn them into wisdom, and EFFECTIVELY COMMUNICATE it to others.

 The method of EIC is to take groups of facts (truths and un-truths) and this will prepare you to DISSECT THEM so as to uncover and expose the Devil’s FALSE and MIXED DOCTRINE that masquerades as LIGHT.. 


When the enemy is IN YOUR FACE over something SERIOUS, YOU WILL NEED to KNOW WHAT TO DO or WHAT ‘NOT’ TO DO.  Our goal is to simplify your journey in TRUTH so that you can navigate through the EVIL DAY, while regaining the full use of your will to obey God with the truths that you have  learned. 


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Who Are We
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