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The Plagues of Days










“And the rest of the men which were not killed by these
plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands,
that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold,
silver, brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can
see, nor hear, nor walk: Neither repented they of their
murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication,
nor of their thefts. (Rev. 9:20, 21)

By Pam Sheppard

Among  those of us who HAVE SURVIVED the trumpet sound of the first worldwide plague called Covid-19, how many of us have repented for worshipping devils, for knowingly or ignorantly practicing witchcraft  and of sexual sin and perversion?  

This is a rhetorical question for which the obvious answer is “next to nobody!” 

When we consider the four horsemen riding on various colored
horses, chemical warfare is foreshadowed. (Rev 6:1-8) The word for
“pale” in the Greek is “chloros”, an offshoot of our English word
“chemical.” The rider of the pale horse—death— will destroy ¼ of
the world’s population. The red horse of war, the black horse of
famine and the pale horse of death are obvious. 

However, who is on the white horse? Some believe him to be Christ. , I believe that he is the Antichrist, mimicking the true Christ who shall also come on a white horse. (Rev 19:11-16)


We should not be surprised because the Antichrist is seeking to win the world by counterfeiting Jesus and drawing people to worship him and the devil. In fact, it stands to reason that the Antichrist a professing Christian himself.

For the last 40 years, I have been called to and groomed for a ministry that is totally out of the realm of possibility for me personally to accomplish. The Antichrist is already so prepared for endtime deception and I realize that I am no match for him.  In more ways than one,  I am like Moses and the Pharoah, not in any way “up to this huge mission!” 

What do I have?  Well,  I have relied on books, articles, courses, videos,.   private counseling sessions and small groups.  Since I am mandated to reach the entire world  totally online from the confines of a little office in  my home, God’s plan seems to my intellect to be absolutely ridiculous.  

Even though  I look and feel 25 years younger than my actual age, I will soon be like Moses in yet another way.  His ministry started when he was 80 years old.  I suspect that my ministry of 40 years thus far will soon break through with miracles that will turn the head of Moses himself when in no time, I will be 80 years old!!! 

Why? Did I have a dream or a prophetic word about this matter?  No, I have not.  It is a commonsense reasoning that is quite clear.  Why?  Because if PSM is of God, there is no other option but that God will give me a miraculous rod in the spirit!!!! 

IN THIS SEASON, I know for sure that the spirit of the Antichrist has and will continue to delude professing Christians. Even so, the bible gives the elect in  end times enough scriptural  information to keep us hopeful. As the Lord Jesus Himself prophesied, the wheat and the tare are undistinguishable in this season as the works of God and the devil stand side by side in the world and within institutional religion.  

Yet the Almighty knows His own. With this comforting thought in mind, is there anything that we should do in the natural to prepare for upcoming environmental disasters that cannot be denied in the prophetic words of God? For example, should we collect and store bottles of water, medicine, can goods and other foods that will not perish easily?

 I suggest that this is not a bad idea. Consider the children of Israel in the days of the famine in the time of the patriarch Joseph. The Lord prepared Joseph against the impending famine by advising him to “stock up” enough grain to feed the people for seven years. It won’t hurt to “stock up” also. However, even more than the details or specifics provided Joseph through divine advice, what stands out for me is that Joseph was shown the future in a dream. 

Like Joseph and also Daniel , I  too am A DREAMER SO I personally know what prophetic dreaming  experiences entail. Recently I have overcome a challenge through God showing me the future as I slept. The first dream occurred in 2011.  The dream began to manifest in reality from 2016-2020. Simultaneously, a dream received on 11/11/16 came to pass on 11/3/2020.   Looking back, from  2011-2021, I have been involved in “a practice run” on how to handle prophetic end time dreams. 

With correct interpretations of   political events  and other experiences like it under my belt, I have developed  strong faith that if I am alive when the environmental judgments are in full force, the Holy Ghost will guide me through them and set up a division so that no judgment intended for unbelievers shall befall me.


A thousand shall fall at my side and ten thousand at my right hand, yet I shall be delivered. Case in point,  I was shown in a dream in May 2020 that Covid would try to overtake me but  the plague would “pass by me.”  . This dream was  a few months later, fulfilled on July 9, 2020.


Simply put, a test for Covid proved that “the devil is a liar!'” What appeared to be Covid symptoms  were not and I was quickly restored, as was revealed to me in a dream.

So what of future plagues to be released by the 4 horsemen? 

Where food, water, light and utilities are concerned, I serve a God of miracles. I shall be preserved. Those within the sheepfold of PSM shall also survive.  If not, then to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord, and with Him, I will simply turn around in my immortal body, and return to earth to rule with Him for the next 1000 years until we all go into eternity with the Lord Jesus Christ!!!

So if you are one of His, keep yourself free from the deception and fret not!

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