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III. Evangelist: Deliverance Academy

The Assisted Self Study: Word of God program has been developed by PSM to help you help yourself. This is a self guided study program that has the ability to help the tormented and spiritually captive to free themselves from demonic torment with assistance, guidance, mentorship and self guided practices that lead to deep and impactful self realizations.


The Assisted Self Study course has been designed to bring the gospel and the word of God into your life, so that you may examine the ways in which you may be captured by the wiles of the Devil. Many people are introverted in nature and prefer to work alone on subjects as personal improvements, which is why this course is an integral tool for self starters and loners by nature.


If you need help, learn how to help yourself with love and guidance from PSM and this personal and in-depth course to improve your perception and functionality in the real world, with lasting benefits for your future.

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