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IV. Pastor: Protecting God's Elect

                  Virtual Pastoring
         Strengthening the Free Will


I. Deliverance Counseling in Christ    

  A. One on one

  B. Spiritual Growth Groups

  C. Fellowship groups 

  D. Cast out demons where necessary


Pam Sheppard: EIC Elder and Apostle,
Evan Johnson: EIC President 

Deliverance counseling is provided by Ms. Pam Sheppard and the PSM mentors. Deliverance counseling is an integral aspect of self-help efforts that allow a new member or captive to understand the faults that they carry or have learned, which may have led them to be tormented by evil entities, spirits or demons.


Many people have come to PSM seeking counseling for various ailments and spiritual torment that have made it difficult for everyday people to live better lives. PSM is dedicated to offering thorough counseling and assessments that allow the mentors, counselors and Ms. Sheppard to adequately assess the individual who has come to the ministry for assistance.


Deliverance Counseling will help you to better understand yourself, your relationship with God (or a lack thereof) and will give you the ability to interact with groups and private sessions to bring deliverance into your life via the gospel of truth and the recognition of the wiles of the devil.   

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