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Self-Determined Religion

Called to serve and stand in the gap for every “whosoever” whom the Lord would save and deliver out of the enemy’s grip, EIC has been in the making for 40 years. We have been preparing for this, the 11th hour. You will find us quite versatile, as we assemble and edify the saints like no other church, strongly yoked to our commitment to feed the sheep in ways that lead to personal freedom as truth persistently unfolds.  You will discover that EIC offers a depth that rises above and beyond more passive, face to face religious “church as usual” approaches to ministry. We believe in self-determination. Self-determination means that your spiritual life is yours to control. Our job is to feed the sheep, accordingly to your level of understanding. We want to meet you, where the rubber meets your spiritual road. Time is running out. Jesus is coming back for His church and his Church is not a building. His church is people, all over the world, who are alive when He returns and those who have passed on, and will return with Him when He comes. So, in this way, we can creatively assist you to be baptized in your home once you become born again.

Therefore, EIC online places in the body of Christ as your spiritual growth journey within a totally Internet-based platform.  Engaged at any time or time zone from your bathtub, your bed, in your car, or in front of your desktop, iPad or cell phone--you will be planted in good ground. To connect worldwide, we have set up worship services on Zoom called “assemblies” well ahead of time so that our members can virtually “assemble” globally as they participate both independently and connected, according to each members own lifestyle. It’s simple.  Members log in to find the monthly assemblies, Bible studies and prayer interventions at any time of day or night.  EIC is connected to members through Discord and other online apps within 24-48 hours of contact. You determine how and when you assemble with us as well as whether or not you fellowship with other members.   You can also reach out to the pastor at any time and set up a Zoom session with her. Discipleship mentors are available to answer questions and respond to members’ concerns.

Choose your Membership Plan


    Every month
    Associates who do not have counseling once a week.
    • Assemblies on Zoom once a week
    • A bible study on/ Zoom on the subject of the month
    • 800 videos and 1000 articles not available to the public
    • live Fellowship on Zoom Sundays and Wednesday evenings
    • one video training course a month
    • Weekly emails for edification, exhortation & comfort (PET)
  • Pastoral Counseling

    Every week
    30 minute Zoom or Phone Sessions each week.
    • The ordained minister who developed deliverance counseling
    • A unique perspective regarding your spiritual journey
    • A reduction in spiritual torment
    • A quick fix

    Every month
    Deliverance Counseling and the Academy
    • Feedback and Christian fellowship
    • Assistance with courses and Workshops
    • Edify the Body of Christ
    • On the job training with new members.
    • 30 minute Zoom sessions with assigned mentor
  • Eleventh Hour Workers

    Every month
    Seek, Find and Implement a Personal Ministry
    • 4 hours of Group Fellowship
    • weekly PET emails: Pastoral Edification Time
    • A course in your ministerial interest
    • Relevant articles and videos.
    • a mentor for the first 3 months
    • Recovery in Christ (RIC) talk shows
  • Transformational Info in End times

    Every year
    • International fellowship of deliverance workers
    • Sharing from the Deliverance Academy
    • Exclusive Case studies
    • Fallen angels and their territories
    • New advances in deliverance counseling
    • Facial forensics in deliverance assessments
    • A certificate of affiliation with Spirit Detectives
    • Opening of the Deliverance Academy
    • Videos, audios, articles and published books and ebooks
  • Zoom Membership

    Every month
    Fellowship Group
    • 4 hours of group fellowship
    • Frequent emails
    • 1 counseling session a month with Pastor Pam
    • Weekly teachings
  • Family Membership

    Every month
    Any adult relative of a free world member
    • A Spirit Detective Assessment

      Valid for one month
      • A deliverance session with Pastor Pam
      • Via Phone or Zoom
      • Selfie required, forehead fully visible, down to upper chest
    • The Golden Years Program

      Every month
      A perfect combination of Assisted Self-Study & Group Fellowship
      • Assisted Self-study
      • 4 hours of group fellowship
      • Frequent emails
      • 1 counseling session per month with Pastor Pam
      • Weekly teachings
      • Weekly exclusive email campaigns
    • Pastoral Edification Time (PET)

      Perfect for those who self study from a Christian perspective, spirit, soul and body
      Valid for 12 months
      • Over 1000 private articles
      • Almost 800 unlisted videos
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