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A Gathering Of Testimonies

It was absolutely powerful to hear Pastor Pam’s testimony of being born-again 43 years ago. The incredible leading moments to what would be an unforgettable experience here in 2020. Not only did she speak, but lovingly gave everyone a time to share. It was a gathering of testimonies.

What Is A Testimony?

“Testimony” is defined as a “recounting of experience; a statement; a declaration.” It’s similar to how one testifies in a court of law to what they witnessed happen. You simply “testify” what you have experienced.

Our ministry is an online ministry who gathers together IN the NAME OF JESUS by Zoom. We do this in order to edify the body of Christ UNTO perfection and conforming to the image of Christ in unity. Part of building each other up is by testifying, or sharing “the word of our testimony.” The very words that overcome the Devil. We truly had a gathering of testimonies that individually and collectively overcome the Dragon.

Irresistible And Incredible

It’s absolutely amazing, in fact I am left without words with what the Lord has done with each of us. Amazed. How He has delivered us all out of the Wicked One’s camp, and INTO HIS Kingdom, despite US. I feel more connected to Jesus as the LORD OF LORDS. The King Who is Victor, and is WORTHY.

I also see more of the hope of His calling, especially our ministry. We are living in times never seen before in the history of mankind. Darkness is thick in the air. There are both occult and evil-religious forces working powerfully to deceive the entire earth. The Devil pulling all strings possible. Fallen angels have returned as the days of Noah. Yet, here is our ministry emerging and “shining like stars” in the night. Fighting, standing, and resisting.

You see, in order to the see the stars you have to be away from the city. Away from the place where artificial light, chaos, and worldliness rests, all of which block the light the stars emit. In this way, do we shine. Although the false light of the Devil shines as the world lies in his power, OUR LIGHT FROM THE LORD IS NOT PUT OUT. And, SHINES BRIGHT. God just needs to lead you out of “the city.” In no way does the false light of the powers of darkness out shine us. NO! For if the lights of a city can be seen on earth, how much more can the stars of the heavens be seen which are not even close to earth!

Our Light Shines

Why does are light shine? Because we are a gathering of testimonies. Our light shines because we know the glory of God THROUGH the true Jesus Christ of Nazareth OF THE GOSPEL. The light of the Gospel is why we shine like stars. Think about it, where else do you see this light? It’s not at work, the streets, businesses, the churches. Truly, the Gospel understood is like a pearl lost in the “field” of the populated world…..

BUT WE, PAM SHEPPARD MINISTRIES HAVE THAT “PEARL.” The Gospel is the power of salvation to all who believe not by man’s will but by God’s will. The church fails to preach this Gospel, but instead preaches another “gospel” with another “jesus.” And is unable to save. I never heard the Gospel in church, and despite all I achieved, I never was saved.

Examine And Test

Our ministry is well aware of the powers of darkness surrounding the earthly atmosphere. And is why, we have all “been there done that.” Or to say, we can help you. Help you figure out why you don’t have rest. Why you are depressed, anxious, or feel bound and not free.

I was one who had to live off the ecstatic, ecstasy-like high of soulish worship to feel good. The addiction of religion sadly worked as a new altered state of consciousness I craved for. Yet, this ministry by the help of God RESCUED ME OUT of religious slavery with counsel. And I know, after all of my insanity, addictions, fear, deception, and bondage I was delivered from, you can be delivered too. As long as you are humble, for,

“God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”

Our Pastor has written an excellent book on the dilemma of false conversions. In other words “false salvation.” A detailed book that sheds light on what true salvation is, contrasted to what is not of God.

Learn what it means to be a gathering of testimonies! 

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