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Assisted Self Deliverance: PSM Can Help!

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

PSM and Deliverance Ministry: We Prefer the Term "Deliverance Counseling"

Perhaps you sought spiritual enlightenment by practicing yoga, reiki, transcendental meditation or any other way that caused you to enter an altered state of consciousness, opening your chakras and activating the kundalini. You have not yet lost your mind or perhaps your crisis did end up at a mental health facility. You believe you opened your chakras and you want them closed. Once you believed that the manifestations you experienced were from God, but now you realize that portals have been opened due to the fact that the torment has increased.

You have sought help from the church, to no avail so you ended up finding a deliverance minister online, but your condition worsened as you have attempted to apply various prayers, principles and practices you accumulated from various deliverances ministries but the truth is that “nothing is working.”

At Exodus Internet Church, we will stand with you to fight YOUR battle.

Simply put, we believe that to be victorious, the fact that you took a stand to fight the enemy is admirable, as you have not passively waited on others to wave a magic wand to set you free. In keeping with your active stand, our goal is to stand in agreement YOU as Christian guides, mentors, counselors, trainers and spiritual consultants to assist you in your fight for freedom, a factor that may or may not involve casting out evil spirits. For truth alone can make a captive FREE!!!

Nevertheless, many of the terms or keywords descriptive of traditional deliverance ministries are not applicable to deliverance counseling at PSM. In fact, the history of “deliverance ministry” as both a term and a Christian practice goes back to the 1970’s, with the publishing of books like “Pigs in the Parlor” by Frank and Ida Hammond and “They Shall Expel Demons” by Derek Prince. These and other likeminded ministries published additional books from a deliverance ministry perspective that became a part of its general modality.

Consequently other terms became popular, like ” ground, legal rights, strongholds, demonic doorways, demonic soul ties, generational curses, et al.”

Some of what the Hammonds and other proponents of deliverance ministry put together has a solid foundation in the scriptures. Therefore, terms like legal rights, strongholds, ground, demonic doorways, demonic soul ties, binding and loosing are used at PSM. Yet there are terms we find to be unscriptural. For example, we don’t use “generational curses” as it is in contradiction to the Lord’s sacrifice at the cross. Those who are in Him are not under the bondage of a curse because of “ancestral idolatry.” Generational curses is a doctrine of devils.

We also know from experience that there is no such evil spirit called “Jezebel.” Instead, there is a religious spirit or demon whose scriptural name is “the spirit of the antichrist.” PSM workers do not directly address any entity before we have built up a captive with truth and we have also established agreement with him or her. We are not proponents of tongues, the sinner’s prayer, accepting Jesus, falling slain, the bridal paradigm, fire tunnels etc, in short, we are not in any way influenced by charismatic witchcraft.

Even so, we will not contend with you on what you have been believing and practicing. Instead, we seek mutual scriptural agreement before moving forward. For it is not our goal to “turn you off” with religious arrogance. Using commonsense and wisdom, PSM workers will assist and support you to distinguish between what works and what does not work on your journey to complete deliverance in Christ, with sound reasoning and discernment.

You can book by clicking here. We are on Eastern standard time but you can book from anywhere in the world and we will send you a Zoom link to the PSM Personal Meeting Room.

To learn more about deliverance counseling, click here.

To make personal enquiries, send an email to or call 888-818-1117.

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