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Be Patient While Detoxing

While learning the truth can be shocking, and growing in the truth can be exciting, it’s important to be patient while detoxing. At times we want to move too quickly, move a step ahead when the next step isn’t quite what we expect. We can be a little too “optimistic” while growing spiritually. 

Just Chill

“Just chill” is a phrase sometimes that needs to be heard. When you begin your detox process from religion, you can “just chill” and work your way out of passivity, and renouncing false doctrine. There doesn’t need to be this “urge” or “itch” to scramble onto the next thing. The Lord Jesus when He taught His disciples for three years never rushed or pushed them to a point that they would not be ready for. He knew exactly when to send them out in action. 

Likewise with us, what we are being taught requires us to be calm in learning so the content can be fully absorbed.

It’s important that the “seeds” planted can stay planted and grow. Just like we can’t force plants and trees to grow, we can’t force the truth and detox process to fully mature either.

Detox Analogy 

Naturally, when you have eaten foods that are processed, unhealthy, and bad for you, your body absorbs these harmful substances. When you detox physically, you first have to abstain from the harmful substances. Then nurture your body with antioxidants to flush out the toxins. And finally, continually consume good substances to maintain your body’s health.

If you don’t take your time to fully abstain, detox, and maintain then you will find the whole process of detox not very whole. In fact, it will be partial and you’ll still have “toxins” lingering around that are harmful presently and potentially. 

So, take your time! Detoxing is suppose to be “relaxing.” A time to rest from the toxicity. Over activity isn’t what overcoming passivity means. True overcoming of passivity is being active with and according to the TRUTH. To actively stop believing in doctrines of demons, actively working out your soul, actively learning the truth, actively detoxing from religion…

Yet all this activity is SIMPLE, and does not require over-thought, and difficult effort…

Being Thankful

Being thankful during the detox process is important. Going back to the physical detox analogy, when detoxing it can be an “uncomfortable” process at first. Because your body is use to harmful substances as “good” when the healthy substances come in it appears “distasteful” but eventually does far more good. It’s during this time that the “itch” to get it over with happens, or even to quit. 

Being thankful on the journey to detox from religion helps those extra needed cleansing moments rest easy. Because, although now it appears hard, but as you are patient and look further down the path there is a serenity and deliverance that comes with being patient while detoxing. So, take your time and be patient while detoxing!

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