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Born Again Is Simple

The Call

Today I write this article as if I am speaking to you. Talking to you face to face. I desire to keep  that which is spiritual, SIMPLE! I start by saying that to be born again is the total work of the Holy Spirit.  He will draw you to the cross and the resurrection  in a moment in time. Yes,  God actually calls you, the Holy Spirit calls you and in a blink of an eye, He changes your spirit, He comes into your spirit, makes your spirit His temple in your body, and there’s no way He can come into you and you not really know it. So “accepting Jesus and asking Him into your heart” is ALL WRONG!!!!  It is dry.  A dry birth.  Way too dry for your salvation to stand against demonic oppression. YOU WILL FOLD!!!!

And the Holy Spirit gives you – He actually gives you the faith to believe on the cross and the resurrection of Jesus Christ!!! . Now  that’s all in the bible. LOOK IT UP YOURSELF!!! The faith to believe is not ours. The faith to believe is given to us by the Holy Spirit at the moment we ar born again. And He will order our steps to the cross and to the resurrection of the Lord. Once you  get directed to the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ, ,there will  be no fear. Why? Because the scriptures say that for the born again, God did not give us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of love, power and of a sound mind.

Be warned that the enemy has perfected ways to simulate a born again experience.   Most who seek my help at PSM believe they are born again already.  When I ask them for details, their salvation testimony proves that they  have not yet   experienced a true rebirth. 

So my first task is to bring you the truth in a way that eventually you will confess that you are not born again.  THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF  OUR  WORK!  To  move forward, you must resolve in your mind and declare to yourself  “Ok, I’m not born again YET. What’s the next step?” The next step is what I call “detox from religion.”  This step is based upon the harsh reality that several doctrines and practices have been taught  in the churches for at least one hundred years or MORE.   Anywhere you go in the world, you will hear that  salvation is ours to have and so therefore, it’s our choice to be BORN AGAIN!!!. WE make the decision to be God’s child even those His word says that HE CHOOSES THE ELECT.  A decisional gospel is  what is preached today, around the entire world, thanks to American missionaries and mega preachers. When I came to church in 1979, I was already born again for two years, yet a babe in Christ. So, as a babe, I assumed that  seasoned churchfolk  knew things of the spirit  better than me. After all,  I had been an atheist, never raised in church at all, and so I went along with church leaders and members. But what I said to myself was, “Oh, so that’s how they do it. It didn’t happen to me like that, but I guess God’s got more than one way. Ok, so they’ve got to ask Jesus into their heart. They’ve got to accept Him. Ok.”  So, I bought into the “I accept Jesus” practice in obedience to my church elders, even though I did not get born again “that way.” Two decades passed,  when  the Lord renewed my mind on salvation, using scripture to validate “how I  myself got born again.” . The wisdom of God revealed that  just like it happened for me, to be born again  is not our choice. For does not  the bible reveal how God chose everyone that He would choose before He framed the worlds? (Ephesians 1_1-7)

We are 3 in ONE: A Trinity

We are a three-part being: spirit, soul, and body. When we get born again, our spirit is immediately changed, and it’s made new. That’s the whole concept behind being born again. What is born again is not your body, it’s not your soul; it’s your spirit. And when your spirit gets born again, the Holy Spirit comes into your spirit and lives there. And as He is living there in your spirit, no demons can be there. You become “the temple of God” because the Holy Spirit lives in your spirit!

Now, in regards to the soul, I suspect that  demons can be in the soul hiding there when you get born again. But ultimately, soon, it will be revealed, and in essence, they will either leave on their own, or you can cast them from yourself, or someone else like myself could cast demons from you.

So, what I’m saying is that in the body, anybody can have a demon in the body. Think about the fact that Jesus came to the synagogue, and there was a woman who was in the synagogue constantly who had been bowed down for eighteen years by a spirit of infirmity. What did that spirit of infirmity do? It caused her to be crippled. That can happen in anybody’s body, whether they’re born again or not.

But, if you are born again, then you have power to command demons and at least keep them off of you. Think about it.  Have you been trying to cast evil  spirits from you and nothing happened? Did your condition worsen?  If so, you are not alone as I hear this all the time. 

You may tell me “Sometimes I feel better, but it doesn’t get completely better.”

 What the enemy will do is he will trick his subject to think that they are getting better, and the way he does that is he just takes his hand off of them for a minute. And so, when he takes his hand off of them, they will feel better. But it doesn’t last, because his hand is coming back. And that’s his way of tricking you into thinking that what it is you’re doing is having some success. It’s a setup; it’s a trick to keep you bound, doing the same ineffective things cause “you got better.” 

So, the evil spirit says, “Alright. I’ll lay my hands  off of him or her  for a minute.” And then everybody you know greets you with hopeful but useless words of praise and comfort like, “Oh, you’re doing so good.” And then, that spirit puts his hand right back on you. Why? Because he’s playing. He’s using his captives as a plaything. Why? Because they don’t know any better. They don’t know the truth. I