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Can a REAL Christian Be Possessed?

By Pam Sheppard

I was once possessed for a few minutes in time BEFORE I became a Christian in 1977. Therefore, after 46 years possession-free, I can look back and realize that I was actually taken over by a fallen angel briefly on a particular day and about 4 or 5 more times within the space of a few weeks. Believe me. For what I am about to share with you has never happened again and with only one attempt made in the mid 80’s that was not successful.

Consequently, what I am about to share is probably the most frightening experience anyone could have.

If you have ever been in a trance or have had an “out of body” experience then you might be able to understand. It happened in 1975 when I was using a Ouija board and then I graduated to automatic writing so as to more easily communicate with whom I believed at the time to be the spirits of dead human beings. I now know trhat they were fallen angels, let by the ascended master, St. Germain.

A practice forbidden in the bible, necromancy is where fallen angels and demons obtain their invitation to enter into the one who ignorantly creates conditions conducive to its entry. On this eventful day, I had been in a psychic session for several hours when I began to feel whoozy, like I was going to faint or something.

Then suddenly, like the peeling of a banana, my spirit left my body and stood in the corner of the room, looking back at myself sitting in a chair. Suddenly, I felt my throat being tugged seconds before the entity used my larynx to speak to those who were gathered. In the corner of the room, I could see my spirit body was jumping up and down screaming, “let me back in, let me back in!!!” But no one could hear me as my spirit body was invisible to them. I could see every one in the room, hear myself speak, but I was not the one who was speaking.

I could reason, think, feel emotions, but I had no control over my being. An experience that lasted perhaps seconds, maybe minutes—seemed like hours. I say that I was “possessed” for that period of time simply because I could not control myself. I was being controlled by another force. I have since discovered that because this being was a fallen angel and not a demon, it could not stay in me for very long. This point alone I have addressed in other articles.

So in this instance, a fallen angel was in control of my spirit, my soul and my body for a few minutes on a few occasions in the 70’s. Once I got born again on March 29, 1977, such possession has never happened again. As a REAL Christian, a portion of Holy Ghost has entered my spirit and is therefore the temple of God, a place that no evil spirit can enter. I believe that no evil spirit can enter the spirit of a Christian. There are scriptures to support me on this so using myself as “a case study,” my 44 years as a Christian can attest to my belief that a TRUE Christian NEVER be possessed in his or her spirit.

However, every human being is a spirit, has a soul, both of which live inside of a human body. An evil spirit, be it fallen angel or demon, can enter the soul and the body of ANYONE, regardless of whether they are born again or not. What I am finding after setting captives free since 1983, is that 95% of those whom I have worked with are religious, churchgoing people who believed that they became born again by “accepting Jesus and repeating a sinner’s prayer where Jesus was asked to “come into their heart,” a false conversion was created, and an evil spirit entered their heart, aka heart chakra. Yet surprisingly, those who practiced the occult devoid of Christianity or Hinduism have been easier to set free than the non-religious.

The good news is that it has been my experience that REAL Christians who have been demonized were able to successfully resist the enemy themselves after two to 6 months of deliverance counseling. For once the client had submitted to truth, I spoke to the evil entities and they left immediately without much of a struggle. I have continued to pastor them and they have remained free.


A young female adult, raised in a Christian cult, entered into sin as a child with the pastor’s daughter. The two youngsters obtained magazines and practiced lesbian sex. Technically a virgin, Sarah continued to experience spontaneous orgasm. Furthermore, she continued to waver in her faith, as to whether or not she was really born again. After two years of counseling, Sarah is now  assured of her salvation and the spontaneous orgasms have ceased. She realizes that her problems began in church and that to return after being set free would be a dangerous thing to do.


Raised by parents who practiced Christian Science, upon adulthood, Cynthia entered into all aspects of the occult, including Indian religion, the use of crystals, and necromancy. A woman in her 50’s, Cynthia has been treated for 3 decades for OCD. Around the same time that she was diagnosed and treated with OCD, she began to frequent word of faith churches, where she spoke in tongues. However, she constantly hears voices that compel her to curse Jesus. She  also has spontaneous orgasms. When she attempts to read the bible out loud, she growls like an animal and hisses like a snake. She has been on anti-psychotic medication for years.


Raised in church, Joyce began to dabble in the occult. Once she took peyote, she began to hallucinate, having been hospitalized for mental illness on more than one occasion. Joyce believes that she is born again  because “her pastor told her that since she repeated the sinner’s prayer, she is saved.” She loves church and religion, but finds it difficult to enjoy life because of constantly hearing voices that either condemn her or try to control her daily activities. Joyce is very churched, very religious. She also speaks in tongues. 

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