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Unmasking the Hidden: The Power of Spiritual Detectives in Deliverance Ministry

Did you know that there is a clear difference between casting out a demon, and binding a fallen angel, aka “a god.”

Point One: what spirit can dwell in a human?

Fallen angels, otherwise known as principalities, dignitaries, rulers of the darkness, are mighty spiritual beings. These spirits cannot remain in human flesh. Those that are giants are so big that their feet can fit in two different states.

Their original place of dwelling was the “heavenlies” specifically the third heaven at the throne of God, until they rebelled with Satan they then were expelled to a lower realm of heaven closest to the earth.

Demons never existed, only until some of these heavenly beings slept with women in the days of Noah. This caused a supernatural offspring of giants to take place and once they were wiped out by the flood (as revealed in Enoch) their spirits became demons and are what possess and demonize people. They “the demons” ultimately find rest in humans.

Fallen angels can’t rest in humans. They can only “walk in” or, temporarily step in to a human being possess and use them, then eventually they have to leave.

There’s a connecting factor. The only reason demons came into existed is because of the sin of the fallen angels. So the demons serve and are under the command of the fallen angels.

Point 2. The power to cast out demons

Jesus Christ of Nazareth gave all born again Christians the power to cast out demons in His Name.

This also confirms demons are the spirits IN people. Not fallen angels.

We see Jesus casting out demons, by using command. And in almost every instance the demons manifested themselves when they were being cast