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Christian Zombies: Piety, Pretense, Pride and Phoniness

Religious Pride is Ugly!

I have found that Christians who are constantly apologizing for being “who they are” “doing what they want to do” and saying “what they meant to say,” generally are in bondage to obeying the word by the letter of the law rather than by the spirit. Since they are very “image conscious”, they worry that they may be perceived as unloving or unmannerly and therein “not Christ-like”. I view excessive demonstrations of this kind of anxiety as being a victim to the 4 false “p”s” They are: piety, pretense, pride and phoniness.

Here is a recent example.

On one my videos, I warn about the speaking in tongues. In the video, I admit that I once spoke fluently in an unknown tongue for 25 years when God revealed that the tongues spoken today are “not of Him.” What does the commentator do? In piety, she warns me that I should not be teaching and reminds me of the scripture “women be silent in the church.”

Unable to address the points I made, she has hidden behind the pretense of her own ignorance and confusion. For if women are to keep silent and not teach, why is she breaking silence in an attempt to “teach ME?” Does not the scripture also apply even to herself? Too prideful to address the points I make which are either truth or lies, her supercilious belittling of me is in itself “phony.’ In other words, to digress from the issues based upon WHO is bringing them is itself a cop-out. Incapable to address the points I made regarding false tongues, too proud to deal with the challenges themselves, she digressed to attack my right to remove Pentecostal and Charismatic deception, rather than focus on the salient issues at hand.

One of the greatest revelations that I have discovered out of years of the 5 “T”S of testing, temptation, trial, tribulation and trouble is that “we are never as advanced as we believe ourselves to be.” Merely having spiritual experiences does not make us “spiritual.” What makes us “spiritual” is abiding in Christ. To abide means to live, move and have our being in Him, consistently and steadfastly. In other words, to abide is ” STANDING STRONG, PRESSING FORWARD AND NOT LOOKING BACK UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN YOKED TO JESUS AS A VINE IS TO A BRANCH!!!”

I admit that in the first two decades, I had more spiritual experiences than I can now count or even remember. One gets “spiritual” when one can face the truth without flinching. Moreover, what I have learned is that when truth explodes upon the mind, it is not an agreeable experience, nor is it easy to disbelieve absolutely, what we have consistently believed so thoroughly. Once I committed myself to truth, I find that I no longer depend on signs or supernatural experiences. The knowledge and wisdom received in the last 3 years, and even more so, the last 3 months have been astounding.

If you have been a zombie for Christ , when your eyes have finally been opened, look out!!! Being deceived can be taken as a personal insult. To perceive that we have been duped: bamboozled, run a muck, gone astray, hoodwinked, made a fool of. Don’t even go there in your thoughts about all of that hard earned money we put into the hands of religious demons. Lord, Help!!!!

In “the Church of the End-time Zombies, we will examine the ways and the reasons why some have invariably become “Zombies for Christ.”

In this important book, you will learn how to deal with pious, proud, pretensive phonies who call themselves “Christian.”

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