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Christians Ruin Gender Re-Transition

Many transgenders who undergo a sex reassignment surgery later have regrets. They have regrets about their sex change decision after the operation. Fundamental Christians have now used this in their “argument” about transgenders that “they are right.” So now, fundamental “Christians” ruin gender re-transition. Specifically, because now trans-genders who re-transition are seen as “betrayers” and are “allied” with the religious “told you so’s.”

Invasion Of Privacy

This destruction began when a woman who underwent surgery to be a man. She later had regrets and wanted to change back to her original sex.

Her message was primarily to warn other transgenders about the operation. Not only, she wanted transgenders to look at the root of their issues and not just get a gender transition operation. Upon her public announcements, Christian ministers pounced on the scene. Completely invading her privacy: writing books about her, doing sermons, and so on. “Proving their point” that transgenders can’t change their nature.

From here, the transgender community then rejected her and said she was helping their “enemies” aka the religious zealots. She lost a lot of support. It should be understood that it’s not anyone’s business to publicly talk and write to thousands of people about someone’s personal life, using her name. Fundamental Christians ruin gender re-transition because they created the malice, and this tension in the first place…

The Shock

There are now many testimonies of people who have underwent a transition surgery and are now in regret.

Many transgenders in this position become extremely depressed. And can you imagine? The thought and idea is THIS is the operation that will change you forever. But, come to find out there’s an “ever desire” for more. More hormones, more plastic surgery, more and more; there is dissatisfaction.

Not only, but many people who are in regret are “stuck.” Stuck because of the pressure from the trans-community, stuck because of family and friends. There’s shame, and despair involved that keep people entrapped, unable to go back to what they were or find hope.


Our ministry offers a sexual healing service for those who are both in regret, de-transitioning, or seeking escape. We are not the fundamental Christians ruin gender re-transition and bash bibles on the skulls of people. We are simply a ministry of truth to help your needs.

We have the correct skills that can bring you encouragement, and comfort. All designed to allow you to grow into freedom. Since we have all “been there done that” there’s no judgment or criticism. In fact, I myself have been confused about gender, and somewhat know what it is like. Feel free to contact us at 888-818–1117 for more information and assistance!

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