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Conspiracy Theories: Send the Junk to PSM

Conspiracy Theories: Be Mentally Sound in Crazy Times!

How PSM Deals with Conspiracy Theories: SEND US THE JUNK! By Pam Sheppard

It’s one thing to hear about   conspiracy theories  and it’s another thing to grab a hold upon them , believe the substance of the fake news or report  immediately, and then begin to progressively send yourself crazy as you run your little fingers around the world by googling and pulling the crazy mess all together.  Consequently, , with my mentally challenged, fearful clients, I tell  them to send all of their conspiracy theory junk to PSM for review and assessment, keeping their minds unclogged from matters dangerous to their mental health. 

I serve as THE FILTER. I have trained others of PSM to do so as well. 

Take conspiracy theories about Covid as a good example.

 To a client I might say , “Look. Does it make sense that China would risk killing ALL of its people ???– Let us not forget that a noteable segment  of China’s own population were among the first to die of Covid-19. So does it make sense that China would risk its own natives,  just to destroy the rest of the world?” The anticipated response is “Well, China made a mistake! They dropped the specimen and Covid went around the world by accident!”

My response is: Ok. Is there any proof of this? Show me the proof. Don’t show me what this one thinks and that one thinks and this one said and that one said. Where is the proof? China is about selling and making money. If they kill off the entire world, especially the USA, how can they make their money???”

For those who have some semblance of sanity and good sense, they will say Thank you Pam, thank you Pam. I’m glad I have YOU so that I can come to you and just lay this all out before you.”

(The truth is that they know that if alone, they will be bugged out and crazy right now. So I take the heat. I look at the mess with a rational mind.)

So to our  clients, we say , Send the junk to PSM!!

Here is the deal. If you have been mentally challenged, you have to decide that you are going to control your own mind. That’s what you have to decide. So say to yourself “Come hell or high water, I’m not going to allow myself to become crazy again.”

Where conspiracy theories go, your next step is that you’ve got to focus on is rational thinking. “Show me the proof. You don’t have the proof, bingo, I delete this conspiracy theory, I wont even put put you in another file because I am not going to ruminate over this.” THE END!!!!

That’s it.

If  you need PSM to help you maintain a sound mind and help you to block you from being hospitalized AGAIN? Then you know what to do. 888-818-1117 and/or