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Crucifying the Flesh: the Deception of Religious Self-Righteousness

During our recent Wednesday night gathering, we delved into the concept of flesh. It's more than just our skin and physical bodies - it's a deeper aspect of our being. But what exactly is the flesh?

In various Scriptures, the flesh is often equated with the soul, yet there are distinctions to be made:

The flesh is associated with lust, passion, and impulsive desires, inclining towards sin. In Galatians 5, it is highlighted that the works of the flesh are evident in behaviors such as sexual immorality, idolatry, hatred, jealousy, and more.

Those who follow Christ have crucified their flesh, denying the sinful self within them.

The flesh can also manifest religiously, as seen when Paul warns Timothy about mere religious practices that lack true spirituality. The Pharisees exemplify this, showcasing outward piety while lacking true righteousness. This form of self-righteousness denies the power of the Cross and undermines the need for Christ's atonement.

In contrast, the soul encompasses the mind, will, emotions, and personality. It is synonymous with self-consciousness. While the soul may house creativity and other positive traits, the flesh can corrupt these qualities with idolatrous tendencies, as illustrated by the example of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Regardless of one's spiritual state, there is potential to crucify the flesh to some extent. This can be achieved through self-discipline and the conviction of the Holy Spirit, leading to repentance and transformation.

God does not impose His will on individuals, but offers the gift of salvation freely. He initiates the process of spiritual renewal, infusing believers with His Spirit and guiding them gently towards redemption through Jesus Christ.

Our discussion concluded with a reminder to overcome religious legalism, which can hinder true faith in Christ. By recognizing and rejecting religious practices that distort the message of the Cross, individuals can experience genuine spiritual rebirth. For those who are born again, the simple solution is to walk in the Spirit to not fulfill the lusts of the flesh. In the end the flesh only brings death, danger and destruction.

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