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Deliverance Essentials: Workshops For Self Deliverance and Online Deliverance Workers!

Deliverance Workshop Description

The Workshop Model consists of a list of essentials that serve as the foundation of all spiritual warfare if captives are really going to be set free, and most of  all, REMAIN FREE! 

Each  Workshop (DEW) consists of 5 lectures, several articles, short answer quizes, Q and A and  narrative essays, using  1  essential E-book per workshop essential.

Specialties & Expertise

  1. PSM expertise  includes but is not limited to hearing voices. narcissistic personality disorders

  2. mental health versus demonization

  3. fallen angels and the spirit of the Antichrist;

  4. altered states, hypnosis, necromancy, 

  5. cults, ancestral worship, Satanic wiles and strategies of

  6. spiritual warfare and intercessory prayer,

  7.  spirit, soul and body

  8. the occult and charismatic witchcraft,incubus, spirit rape, 

  9. MUch more and still learning!!!

Although DEW is designed like a college virtual course, it is clear and simple enough for anyone who can at least read at an 8th grade level. You will also be assigned your own personal coach trained and certified by PSM, who will:

  1. 1. Grade each student’s tests.

2. Assess the weak areas and develop an individualized deliverance treatment plan based on needs.

  1. 3. participate in certification of potential deliverance ministry candidates.

  2. 4.Make referrals

  Workshop Topics

Know How Satan Tempts You, Know  Who Satan Sends to You, Know How Satan Tricks You, Know Your God Given Rights, Know How to Fight and much more!

Once registration is complete, the DEW will be automatically sent to the student, as a Power Point Presentation. Each workshop last a month. 

Workshops Are Monthly and Ongoing!

Pre-Registration is Without Obligation