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Discipleship: Detoxing from Religion

The original gatherings of early Christian believers comprised of sermons, singing, and praying. Numerous churches have elaborated on these elements in some sort of fashion. Some denominations have even added specific practices making their sect’s services solely unique from others. Nevertheless, today’s churches have lost sight of a crucial component in their worship gatherings: The camaraderie.

Listen to Pastor Pam’s disciples provide their personal testimonies of their experiences with the Institutional church system. Each person has a relatable, enduring narrative for any ear willing to hear:

Evan: A bright, young man on a personal quest to find something more than the superficialities of religion. While he manages to stumble out of the darkness of the occult, he finds something much more disturbingly sinister in the very place where he attempts to find spiritual nourishment. Hear Evan’s firsthand account of his alarming experience that has become typical across the country.

Christina: An earnest, young lady, who had no peace over salvation after saying the Sinner’s prayer and trying to repent multiple times. Instead of feeling the liberation of Christ, she felt increasingly under religious pressure to act out a ‘Christian’ lifestyle and the burden of leading her relatives to God. Discover how Christina’s soul found solace in the Lord’s eternal plan for salvation.

Abbi: A sincere, candid woman, who had a history as a regular churchgoer. Over time, she began to realize her church’s passive, lukewarm nature. It wasn’t long before her spiritual life starts to head downhill after stating the Sinner’s prayer to receive salvation. Uncover Abbi’s path to discovering the power of her divine free-will and overcoming the religious spirits, who attempted to block her from receiving salvation. Listen to her past testimony in the above video. Then, read about her own born-again experience, after waiting five years at Pam Sheppard Ministries.

George: A well-spoken, thoughtful individual, who found himself ensnared with the religious foundation that he grew up with as a child. It was the Enemy’s weapon of choice to prevent him from the salvation experience by which he is currently awaiting. Listen to his experience in the institutional church system that left his starving spirit yearning for sufficient meat. The praying, singing, and bible-studying that he had absorbed into practice was no match for the evil spirit that appeared to him as an angel of light. Listen to George’s testimony of (the false) Jesus appearing after his prayers for salvation but leaving him with a feeling of damnation.

Danielle: As a young girl, her pastors always seemed to preach a different Word than what her Bible read. Over the years, she found herself wanting to scream at times, “You don’t know what you’re talking about!” Nevertheless, she was still drawn back to the Institutional church for her love of music and a desire to share her vocal talent. After finding Pastor Pam, learn how she becomes bold enough to leave her own church, bringing alongside her brother.

The members featured in the embedded video are currently in training to become ministers, mentors, group leaders, and bible teachers, and deliverance workers while also learning to work as a team. Their testimonies mainly involve receiving a false conversion, trademarked by thinking one has received salvation that hasn’t occurred. (It mostly happens out of people not completely understanding nor hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ. His bodily Resurrection is often the most distorted portion.) Each person has in-training sessions with Pastor Pam on a bimonthly or weekly basis for their individual development and growth. They provide his and her insights as they share their testimonies regarding the subject “Does Jesus Know You?” Observe the harmony and solidarity amongst one another as they reveal some of their most personal, vulnerable spiritual moments. Think of your personal church experience and recall if similar support has ever been extended by the leadership of deacons, bishops, ministers, or priests.

Testimonies like these do not weave themselves together in the blink of an eye. They come from the persistent diligence of Pastor Pam, who has conducted deliverance counseling through her experience both as a licensed counselor by the profession and a minister by ordination since 1973 and 1981 respectively. Conducting private sessions online since 2002, Pastor Pam added virtual group deliverance counseling on April 14, 2012. She also began facilitating group work as early as eight years ago. Her own personal experiences are documented and written by her own hand in a myriad of books: The Fake Jesus, Church of the Endtime Zombies, and Come out of Her God’s People among others. They were motivated after a series of events involving divine, godly intervention. Two of which are the supernatural nature of her born again experience after 33 years of atheistic views, as of 43 years ago; and later, God’s call to leave the institutional church system after twenty-five years of service. The nature of her work as a deliverance counselor also is included.

At PSM, not one person is put to ridicule or shame for their past. So, they’re liberated to grow spiritually and obtain spiritual sustenance per their specific needs through daily counselor sessions and constant fellowship support.

Take a glance at the group discussion that demonstrates the possibilities produced from honest camaraderie in ways that churches were meant to support and educate their fellow constituents! (In other words, the way that the church should be today and should’ve always stayed.)

Click here to hear Pastor Pam’s riveting sermon that inspired the questions answered in the recording! Perhaps you may also find yourself motivated to select a book culminated from her personal experiences and otherworldly inquiries such as “The New Idolatry” which uncovers additional information about spiritual fallacies occurring in the Institutional church system and increasing amalgamation with the occult.

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