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Divine Destiny and Spiritual Maturity

Spiritual Maturity and Predestined Purpose

Spiritual maturity and  predestined  purpose  in the life of a  chosen one, not yet called  are centered in the thoughts and desires of the person’s  soul.  Nevertheless,   the purposes of  God are spiritual. In fact, without our knowledge, various  innate predispositions and unsuspecting life circumstances  often  foreshadow   the nature of our divine purpose.  For who we are and the traits  we manifest are  frequently foreshadowed by    God’s divine   will for us in the body of Christ. Our predestined purpose will  fit  perfectly within His overall plan  and  His ultimate goal.  Nevertheless, spiritual purpose is often unknown for decades , frequently remaining hidden within the inner parts of our spirits.  For there are things we do, including internal leanings and personality traits, that spiritual maturity will eventually unfold to our conscious minds. 

 The problem with religious purpose is that it usually masquerades as  divine when in reality, it is nothing but  “self-fulfillment” and not God fulfillment. For the purpose of religion is soulish while  God’s purpose is in the spirit or “spiritual” . When the time is right, God will reveal His purpose to the chosen ones.  The elect of God   will be surprised to see that He has implanted His purpose in our   DNA, manifested soon after we are born.

My Story: A Predestined Purpose

it was not possible for me to either conceive or understand  my predestined purpose when I was born again in 1977. Four decades ago, God’s will for how I  am to serve Him  was beyond my limited  scope and comprehension because  “I had to go  through some things.”  I will simply say that seeing through a glass darkly, I have only recently ingested the breath and depth of my divine  purpose.  Simply put, to fulfill my purpose for God, it is mandatory that I  be equipped to stand alone and not be distracted by public opinion. So I was led on a long journey to find my predestined purpose and spiritual maturity. 

Consequently, I have been internally designed for my purpose as manifested almost as soon as I could talk. I walked and talked earlier than most toddlers. I am built to be a pioneer, which means being a standing  alone person, ahead of the crowd, public opinion and protocol. In the earlier years,  I secretly wanted to be accepted and popular but I was not internally equipped for that. Looking back, I Understand now why I DID THINGS AND SAID  THINGS THAT CAUSED PEOPLE TO RISE UP IN ARMS!!! 

Hindsight shows that I was actually practicing along the path of for “such a time as this.” Here is an example. 

 When I was a child, my father introduced me to JA Rogers books. Rogers  wrote exclusively about black and African history and accomplishments. So when I got to school in the late 40’s, I was compelled to constantly lift up subjects that NO ONE WANTED TO HEAR. Early on, I was smart enough to realize  that I  WAS NOT POPULAR. Yet I continued to  blurt out  Rogers’ teachings the classroom in spite of anyone’s resistance. I UNDERSTOOD THAT MY COLORED PEERS WERE EMBARRASSED . MY eyes were opened to watch black children  PUT THEIR HEADS DOWN ON THE DESK AND COVERED THEIR EARS when I said “Negro” or “Black” .  

Even though THE TEACHERS WERE CLEARLY ANNOYED, I DID NOT STOP !!!! So as a child,  I was Negro and not “colored” , followed by being black and proud almost two decades BEFORE  Afrocentric life   was fashionable among “colored” people of my generation. You see, what I understand today is that my predestined purpose mandates me to be ahead of my times and to stand against compromise and conformity where God’s truth is concerned.  

As God’s purpose for me  requires, early on, I demonstrated as a child and a young adult  an ability to confront the world and not run from rejection and disapproval. I perceive today  that built into me from the start of my life is  an implanted inclination in my DNA  to confront worldly systems. From the time I was 5 years old,  I  willingly adapted to  being the most unpopular kid in school without compromise or regret.  I was fine with that because to me, THE TRUTH HAD TO BE TOLD. TRUTH HAS ALWAYS BEEN FIRST WITH ME. Being a truth teller is at the  center of my divine predestined purpose. 

Deliverance Counseling And Spiritual Maturity

Some assume that deliverance counseling is solely about freeing people from evil spirits.  Its not.  Truth not only sets captives free from demons and fallen angels, but it also helps you to “work out the salvation of your soul with fear and trembling.” In keeping, a central focus of the work includes:

  1. identifying those factors within the soul which hinder maturity, toward the end of balance;

  2. gaining a more realistic perspective on self by limiting wavering between self praise and self degradation;

  3. overcoming passivity with a spirit of activity toward the goal of assertiveness without offense, overcome doubt and fear

  4. losing excessive expectations while remaining hopeful and courageous

  5. gaining an appreciation of being alone while at the same time, developing an appreciation for loving friendships

  6. taking control of negative emotions that cause you to be depressed, agitated, guilt stricken, hostile, irritated, and tired.  Depending on the natures of your divine purpose, it will be important to work on the salvation of your soul, to get prepared for your predestined purpose. I have designed Deliverance Counseling to  help you uncover your divine predestined purpose via spiritual maturity.  I perform my work by phone and online.  Call 888-818-1117 or email me at

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