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Do You Need Deliverance? Be Set Free with Deliverance Counseling!

As Jules shares in this video, eight years ago, she had horrific visions on a 24/7 basis that showed her harming her children. When she says that she had a god with a small “g,” what she means is that she was a Jehovah Witness. Deliverance counseling revealed that a false religion was at the root of her torment. The irony is that since false religion was “conceived to deceive,” it is a viable strategy for the enemy to use to entrap and torment the unsuspecting.

Yes, it took 6 months to be set free as yet she has been free for almost 8 years!!!! With PSM, deliverance counseling is not a quick fix, as it requires a great deal of work. Yet once you accept the truth, as the Lord said “the truth will MAKE you free!!!

To schedule your first session, either email or call 888-818-1117

There is no obligation to continue. If you do make that committment, like Jules, you will be glad you did!!!

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