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Covid has proven that online ministry is hear to stay! And....why not?!!!! Exodus Internet Church has been experiencing the power of God in some mighty, miraculous ways.

EIC is A Fivefold Ministry

What is a fivefold deliverance ministry? It is a ministry with a central focus or concentration on deliverance, that functions under the 5 biblical ministerial offices of pastor, teacher, evangelist, prophet and apostle. Exodus Internet Church is a continuation of God's Work and Pastor Pam has served in the first 4 offices since the 80’s. Pastor Pam recently entered into the beginning stage of the apostolic office. Apostles mentor other ministers, setting them up in a particular region to establish churches. Ms. Pam's work has begun in this area on a small but significant scale. It is in full confidence of the members of Exodus Internet Church, that the Pastor Pam will live to fully embrace the apostolic office. In this regard, Pastor Pam has been active since 2002, and her EIC ministry has embraced the people of other nations, especially with her blogs and videos. EIC is “a fivefold deliverance ministry.”

I. Deliverance Counseling in Christ: Apostolic A. One on one B. Spiritual Growth Groups C. Fellowship groups D. Cast out demons where necessary II. Virtual Publishing Company: Prophetic A. Books Self Publishing and publishing others in the same genre B. Blogs and Websites C. Use books for curriculum for courses III. Assisted Self Study in the Word of God via Virtual Learning: Evangelistic A. Sermons & Seminars B. Courses & Workshops IV. Mentoring Online Ministers: Pastoral Apostleship A. Develop New ministers B. Certify and Ordain New Ministers, C. Collaborate with, Advise, Train Active Ministers not in church D. Develop Curriculum for Independent ministers V. Prophetic Ministry: Teaching A. Know the Signs of the times B. Prepare the Elect for the Return of the Lord C. Heal the Sick D. Miracles

At the beginning of each month, your spiritual food will be posted under the ”For Members Only Page.“ you will also be sent an email that will include your monthly spiritual food called A SEED.

At your request, you will be assigned a mentor to guide you through the monthly spiritual food. if You need a pastoral counseling session, one will be available for you on zoom. if you need prayer, one will be prepared for you or members of your family and friends. The prayer will be sent to you as an audio recording.

A two weeks trial membership will provide you with a sample of a Seed for Each Month. BTW, a seed is the word of God presented in diversified ways.

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