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Experience The True Freedom Of Christ

Pam Sheppard Ministries is no ordinary ministry. We are a ministry of zeal, hope, wisdom and peace. What makes our ministry unique is how we operate deliverance. This year, we are offering a special service, a workshop designed to get you delivered to experience the true freedom of Christ.

Deliverance Essentials Workshop

The Deliverance Essentials Workshop is our finest work we are going to offer to any person seeking freedom. I am sure, that you may be the “helpless” person in bondage. Looking “land and sea” for some compassionate person of understanding to deliver you from the grip of demons.

It’s a touchy subject. And, there is a lot of unfortunate fear regarding the Devil and his schemes. However, we have a gentle approach. And the Deliverance Essentials Workshop is going to be a life changing event.

If you want more information of the deliverance workshop click here. The main purpose of our ministry is to experience the true freedom of Christ. And, our workshop is going to do just that.

What Makes Us Different

Our ministry is not looking at immediate results. I know by personal experience of being involved in deliverance ministries the “immediate deliverance.” I know how the instant feeling of freedom feels like, yet, soon enough it fades.

We are committed to the long-term fruit. “Fruit that remains.” In other words, we are going to be available to watch and observe you grow. We are going to honestly, and in a down-to-earth way ask, “How’s your deliverance?” And see if you are maintaining freedom. Yet, we will also expect that YOU will reach out to us, and maintain connection.

During my “deliverance” experiences, I never had anyone ask me “How is it going?” No one followed up. And, no one really exhorted me to keep in touch. This led me to further spiritual issues, and my inner-man left out, in torment, and in need.


This may just be the experience you have been looking for. Perhaps your failures, and never wanting to share your demonic torment was for your protection. Many religious people can look down on vulnerability, and not know what to do with it…trust me been there!!!

If you are interested in signing up, or looking to experience the true freedom of Christ please click here.

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