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Faith Amidst Mystery Babylon: Come Out Of Her My People

In ancient times, the Lord instructed Abraham to leave his homeland, his people, and his family to journey to a land that God would reveal to him. These words marked the beginning of a significant journey for Abraham and his descendants, leading them to the promised land of Israel.

Throughout history, we witness God guiding His people towards new territories, symbolizing an exodus. As Exodus Internet Church came into existence, little did we know we would embark on a literal exodus. Our spiritual journey has always been to break free from idolatry, religious falsehoods, and worldly influences.

Over the past year or so, the Lord has revealed powerful truths to our congregation, drawing from the teachings of the book of Revelation. In this book, John prophesied about the need for God's people to separate themselves from Mystery Babylon, a symbol of corruption and sin.

Despite the wealth and power of the United States, many other signs point to it being associated with the characteristics of Mystery Babylon as seen in Revelation Chapter 18. Even with all the signs, we see through a glass darkly. We still have to walk by faith. We simply acknowledge the need to heed the call to "come out of her" to avoid being tainted by her sins.

Just as the Israelites left Egypt under God's guidance, the members of the Exodus Internet Church are preparing to depart from the influences of the current world order in the United States which is under the control of Satan, and will soon be given to an Antichrist. This departure signifies a step towards the awaited return of the Lord.

Leaving behind the comforts and luxuries of the United States requires great faith, akin to Moses leaving Egypt to follow God's plan for his people. EIC’s faith is demonstrated through our actions, as we eagerly anticipate the fulfillment of a 41 year old prophecy the outpouring of miracles and healings.

Our unwavering faith can be compared in Hebrews 11, emphasizing confidence in the unseen and assurance in the promises of God. Leaving Babylon certainly takes great faith!

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