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False Conversions: Fear of Hell

The Spirit: Hell

It is evident that in this 11th hour, Satan and his underlings are pulling out all the stops in leading the world in a grand deception before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

We as human beings born in and enslaved to sin have empowered these evil spirits and enemies of God to flourish in this last day and age due to our rebellion, fornication and idolatry. I speak not just of fornication and idolatry in the physical sense, but the spiritual sense as well. I speak of the idolatry and fornication that man has rebelled against God with dating all the way back to our predecessors who worshiped a golden calf and other animals back in Old Testament times.

And while those sins were abominable then, all hell is breaking loose in these latter days because the common person has a severe lack of knowledge with regard to spiritual matters. The scriptures tell us that God’s people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. What you get is a spiritual blindness resulting in a person believing a spirit when confronted with one as opposed to testing them, opening the floodgates to further deception.

One of the chief deceptions of the day are “spiritual experiences” that run the gamut: near death experiences, spiritual awakenings, communication with God, conversions that are of a heavenly nature, so on and so forth.

I can tell you as someone who belongs to God that I have had ventures in the spirit both from the Lord and from the enemy. And, during dreams, I have traveled to places in the spirit that are hellish in nature. I would say the defining characteristic of hell is not just an absence of life, but that its essence is spiritual death which hangs in the air thicker than a smog.

A Testimony of Hell

So what happens when you take the people of today’s proclivity to seek out spiritual experiences and combine it with hell? It is like the other myriad of experiences out there that have piled up to form a mountain of deception so vast that it has risen up from the earth and reached the heavens. In this case, it breeds false conversions.

I recently came across a video of a man who claimed to have been taken to hell. Before the dramatic episode, he experienced a number of spiritual occurrences that are recounted repeatedly with much of the clientele at EIC.

The man was led into the world of religion where he began to experience things like an “inner voice” in his “spirit” telling him to speak at certain times during Bible studies and other Christian gatherings. He began to pray and read the Word on a regular basis, thereafter having encounters in the spirit.

He spoke first of being visited by an angel and taken into a home where he felt the presence of God. And he was led through various doors and up and down flights of stairs into a final room where he had a knowing that Jesus was about to visit him in the room. He woke up before it happened.

It was shortly after where he saw a bright, pure light in his room while he was by himself. The light was brighter than the sun and forced him to his knees, and he saw a man walk out of the light: Jesus.

This soon led to a second encounter in a dream where he came face to face with Jesus and realized that he was a sinful person as well as the holiness of God. He awoke, claiming to have a new fire for God with the experience being so profound that he began to change his ways. He thereafter had an experience where a literal flame appeared before him in his room.

More supernatural occurrences happened to the man, the chief of which was a dream where he got into a car crash. He dreamt of waking up in a hospital only to have his spirit leave his body and descend into hell with demonic entities in it. He awoke from the dream with a new vigor for life, promising God that he would do everything in his power to tell everyone he knows that hell exists and to change their life to avoid it.

He prayed for confirmation and in due time, he had another dream where he descended into hell. As he saw the people around him were in torment, he heard an angry voice he believed to be God tell him, “Go and tell them to repent.” After this, the man went on to share his testimony with everyone for the purpose of getting people to repent. In his most recent appearances, he urges everyone to seek out a supernatural occurrence with God because it is available to everybody.

Deception: Fear of Hell

The scriptures call on us to not believe every spirit, but test them and see if they be of God.

This means we have to not just look at the experience, but the motive behind why we receive messages. I see a number of aspects to this testimony that are cause for concern.

The first indicator is the “inner voice” the man referred to which kept pressing him to speak at certain times during Bible studies. My experience is that God is not pushy, but the devil is. God allows the person to make a choice with their own free will, while the enemy forcefully pushes them into the path he has planned for them.

The giveaway with this is that the man was not born again at the time this happened, yet he was led into praying and reading the Bible every day. He was led into religious activity that is explicitly designed for those who have the new birth. This ties into the following point.

He saw Jesus, face to face. One of the most prevalent deceptions of the last days is that a fallen angel by the name of Jesus Sananda Immanuel is posing as Jesus to lead people into false conversions and a lifetime of deception. It is actually the subject of one of Pastor Pam’s books: The Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us.

Encounters with “Jesus” are more common than ever. It’s easy to take a spirit at face value when one undergoes a spiritual experience beyond the realm of possibility in the physical realm. 2 Corinthians teaches us that the enemy cloaks himself for the purpose of deception.

“No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.” – 2 Corinthians 11:14

The plot is to appear as God to people who do not understand this. The enemy is using the common person’s lack of knowledge in spiritual matters to mislead them into thinking they have seen God. This can lead to the person unknowingly worshiping a false god for even the duration of their life because they have not thought to question the experience.

While the man’s spiritual experiences were dramatic, there is no mention of the resurrection which is a foundational and key element of any bona fide born again conversion.

This demonstrates a misunderstanding of the Gospel. For 1 Corinthians 15:14 instructs us that if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching and faith is dead. In spite of all the wonder and signs of a spiritual experience, a conversion is powerless without the resurrection.

Lastly, the fear of hell is prevalent in the testimony. A component of this false conversion that I have seen in many others is a heavy emphasis on a fear of hell. Suffering damnation is to be in hell and experience spiritual death.

But to be born again is to enter into spiritual life. It comes across as a mockery; a new convert will be rejoicing in the eternal life that the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ gave them! With that comes peace, joy and love among other fruits written of; there is no fear in the new spirit we have been given by the Lord God.

Have you experienced condemnation and fear while trying to find your path in God after attending church? Have you questioned some of its teachings or if God is even there? If you seek God and want to guard yourself against the pitfalls and deceptions of the enemy, give EIC a call at 888-818-1117 or email

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