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Fear No Evil: A Reflection

Whether born again or not born again yet, we all can benefit from this audio by Pastor Pamela Sheppard. It’s encouraging. There is reassurance with passionate delivery, as this subject was taught. I am reminded of how faith in Christ gives a born again person unforgettable strength. Both spiritual and resilience in many ways. Based on my experience, this strength grows and grows. Christ defeated death himself, so it makes sense that a born again person in Jesus Christ of Nazareth, does not panic when it comes to the idea of death.

The saved born again person relies on God’s plan and has peace because of faith that God will fulfill his purpose with his elect before their time comes. One day those born again elect, their bodies will be immortal and Spirit is eternally changed.

The devil wants us to panic and he gleefully and easily wreaks havoc when it comes to curses. Fear of curses are prominent in Africa. I’ve heard of many stories from my own family. It seems like every part of Africa has that same thinking that if a series of bad things are happening then it means that someone put a curse on them. Once that thought is planted in the person’s mind that they have been cursed, this is when the chaos gets worse. The panic occurs. The fear, and drastic behaviors that can even put them in harms way, start to happen. So, the person doesn’t realize they are pretty much working along with the so called curse to happen or just straight up cursing their self.

There are many other races that allow themselves to believe the same things that Africans do about curses, including black folk. One lets the devil win when they allow a supposed curse to come to life in their minds.

After listening to this I thought, yes! Those born again in Jesus Christ of Nazareth are warriors. We are fighters. Faith in Christ means you do not whimper in fear when things go wrong. Instead, you are encouraged and empowered because you have faith in Christ. For example, personally speaking, I understand the love from God that he has given to us because of Christs sacrifice and then his powerful resurrection. Ones entire nature changes when you get born again. Translated out of darkness and out of that tendency to be fearful like the world so often tries to cause. A true born again person is a soldier. A fighter that is spiritually strong and filled with courage. This audio is a great message.

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