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Freedom From Evil Spirits is In Your Dreams!

Deceived by Religion and the Religious

If you have been a zombie for Christ in your church,when your eyes have finally been opened, look out!!! Being deceived by religion and the religious can be taken as a personal insult. To perceive that you have been duped: bamboozled, run a muck, gone astray, hoodwinked, made a fool of is formidable. Don’t even go there in your thoughts about all of that hard earned money you  put into the hands of religious demons. Nevertheless, when truth explodes upon the mind of PSM members, it is not always an agreeable experience. But for those who bow down to the truth, the Holy Spirit responds agreeably. 

 For some,  it is quite challenging  to disbelieve absolutely, what they  have consistently believed so thoroughly. With God, their resistance and complaint will avail them nothing, as they go around the same circles over and over again, pridefully defending the lies and half truths they ingested while “religious.” However, once my clients start to habitually commit themselves to being detoxed from religion,  the Holy Spirit begins to speak to each client in their dreams.  The knowledge and wisdom has  set each client free almost immediately for the few, yet the effects for most  become obvious around 3 months or 4 months.  

Here is the pattern or trend I perceive developing for those who succeed. 

When the Holy Spirit reveals various details  to tormented clients about the evil spirits and   demons that have been manifesting in their lives, He often sends my client’s dreams where animals   confronted them. Some of these   animals types were once worshiped as gods in the old testament. The animal itself describes the nature of the evil spirit.  Most animals are the ferocious proud ones like lions and tigers, snakes, frogs, rats and various kinds of bugs and insects.  Not only is the nature of the animal descriptive of the demonic torment, but the total number of the animal in the dream is indicative of how many evil spirits are involved.  In addition,  the results of the spiritual fight is also clearly apparent in the dream. 

With this in mind, interpretation of these kinds of dreams is quite easily. Here is an example. KS has been in deliverance counseling for 30 minutes, once a week since August 2019, about 4 months now.   Just this week, KS sent me a dream by email.  In short,  two huge, hideous, monster type animals, that looked like alligators entered into battle with her in  her home. She used the close button in her garage to defeat them: One lay dead in her driveway while the other looked at her, turned around and left.  she writes: “it was almost like it KNEW it couldn’t win anymore.” 

Actually, KS interpreted her own dream:

“This is what is happening to me. Torment is decreasing, deception is being revealed, and I WON’T TOLERATE LIVING THE LIE! I keep moving forward, knowing there is a light at the end, and knowing I am in the right place, being led and delivered BY TRUTH.”  

Here is my interpretation as written to KS and her response: 

“This is quite encouraging.  your dream is revealing to us both that two evil spirits have been involved in your case.  One has left and the other is broken down as evil spirits don’t die.  The death means that he is powerless.  So as I thought, they were not IN you and therefore there was nothing to cast out. Our work TOGETHER did it.  This sounds like God.  If its Him, all blockages to your being born again have been removed and it should happen soon.”
My interpretation brought even more joy to KS who writes “ Thank you Pam. This is incredible! The amount of relief I feel about this dream is tremendous! The torment has drastically decreased! I am seeing and thinking more clearly. My legalistic religiosity is melting away! I am being released from the shackles of the Antichrist.” 

KS may not realize this, but her last sentence is yet a deeper truth.  Those two evil spirits have the Antichrist to answer to for their failure and their loss!!! 

  MY  DREAM OF A 12 MILE LONG LINE ON A HIGHWAY in                                           the 90’s

Pam Sheppard Ministries is committed to excellence in every service that we render. We focus on deception, those deceived by religion and the religious.   With deliverance counseling and coaching, we provide  hands on, personalized  and individualized mentoring and coaching, with scheduled and spontaneous  chat sessions, emails and telephone calls. Some of you may even visit us at our home site in Albany New York.  We want to develop associations and teams that will work together around the country and around the world.

It was at least 25  years ago that I had a dream of 12 miles of a highway where people were standing “on-line”, single file, at arm’s length.  It has only been recently that the meaning of this dream was revealed.  The “highway” is the Internet and you, the people, are “on-line!”  While sitting at a computer providing deliverance  counseling by email, the Holy Spirit revealed the resurrection power of a dream.  He spoke in 2002 and said “Look at what you are doing Pam. You are now ministering online, just like I revealed it to you, when you did not know what the Internet was!”

As end time frontline warriors for Christ, the mission of PSM  is  to be used by the Holy Spirit to build up an international body of Christ-centered self-assisted deliverance capabilities.   Setting captives free  in these times is not as simple a matter as commanding and expelling. Some of the evil spirits  of today are extremely clever and sophisticated and unfortunately,  “religion as usual”  is poorly equipped for the demonic onslaught that the people of God are facing in these times. We can no longer be deceived by religion and the religious.   Our goal is to equip the Body of Christ through training people like yourself who will “stand, having done all to stand, STAND THEREFORE!”


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