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Freedom From Occult and Religious Practices

The Testimony of a Former Channel and Astrologer

Ascended Masters will try to use you in Christianity through deception!

By Pam Sheppard

I have been  born again since Monday— March 29, 1977 at about 4pm. Yet, once I wrote the book “the Fake Jesus” about 14 years ago, I found myself cleaning out my own temple from the deceptive influence of Sananda, St. Germain and perhaps other so called ascended masters. You see, once the demons lost me to Jesus Christ, they immediately set out to derail His plan for my life. Through dreams and other supernatural experiences, I was deceived on many levels for almost  three decades. The occult doorway was still partially open due to the fact that for  3 years BEFORE I was born again, I had been  steeped deep  in the occult. For example, St. Germain had transmitted a portion of his  healing powers to me. Furthermore,  I was able to see into the future through astrology and other means. Once born again, my occult powers carried over into Christianity without my knowledge primarily because I was ignorant of Satan’s devices.

Resist the devil and he shall flee from you. If you have ever been involved in the occult, principalities, powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world will not give up on you. THEY WANT YOU TO WORK FOR THEM BY TARNISHING WHAT CHRIST STAANDS FOR.  THEY WANT TO CEMENT A PLACE FOR THEMSELVES AMONG THE ELECT, THROUGH YOU!!!!  After all, they once HAD you in the palm of their hands, and so they will try every deception at their command to win you back. My testimony attests to the fact that its a lifetime process. At the present moment, I have 44 years of experience under my belt so I can tell you that eventually they DO flee. 

Whether in ignorance or by design, when a person has made an appeal to Satan’s services by either a formal pact or an informal agreement, that person has unwittingly submitted himself to the powers of darkness.. When signs, wonders and strange religious practices that did not emanate from the Holy Ghost are accepted as divine, a spiritual invitation is made to the fake Jesus. Without hesitation, the fake Jesus pushes his way through the doors of your soul. My testimony is too long for one article. However for the sake of the subject matter at hand, I can testify that I was  one who ignorantly made an informal pact with the fake Jesus by not properly severing ALL of my ties to my pre-conversion New Age  practices of healing. astrology  and channeling. As a result, the first 30 years of my Christian walk was tarnished by deception, particularly in the area of discerning God from the devil. 

Through presumption, I assumed that once born again, ALL of my New Age  practices of the past were behind me, since I had burned all of my astrology and occult  books in 1983. My personal testimony is a classic example of how the fake Jesus and other fallen angels  can fool a true Christian by deception, capitalizing on its target’s ignorance of certain spiritual  matters. Hosea’s word continues to ring true.(Hosea 4:6) God’s elect are overwhelmingly deceived and if we are not careful, ultimately destroyed by a lack of knowledge, namely, that  “all spiritual manifestations are NOT from God!” 

The primary  reason why I share various aspects of my own personal testimony is to give you hope and confidence that the principalities and the powers of heaven shall not win. We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony and I am an overcomer.

Here is just one of several examples. I received tongues at a meeting held in Albany New York through the ministry of the late Kenneth Hagin. Hagin is really the founder of the word of faith movement as it is operating today. I have no idea whether or not Hagin was a false prophet or a deceived one. I simply look around as I view Charismania, and I know Hagin by his fruits. Anyway, I never truly embraced the way that I received tongues because it had no resemblance to the way the early church received this gift as revealed in the book of Acts. Yet, I grew to speak prolifically, at my own will, what charismatics call in “a prayer language.”

The reason why I have not been convinced about tongues is that for 25 years, I was not  able to find a bona fide interpreter, nor was I able to interpret myself. So I ask, “Where are the interpreters?” The Holy Ghost does not expect me to throw away my commonsense. If I have prayed off and on for decades to receive the gift of interpretation of tongues as Paul suggests that we all do, 25 years  passed and I still found  no one, including myself to interpret my “prayer language”, good sense  suggested  to me that the tongue that I received in 1983 is not from God. So if it is not from God, then who did it come from?

Well, its obvious. It didn’t come from me. I suspect that it came from one of the Ascended Masters, perhaps Sananda or Ashtar. What would be the reason for the demons to desire to imitate tongues? Well, if we don’t know what we are saying when we speak in an “unknown” tongue, we could very possibly be used by fallen angels  to “decree and declare” that their will, purposes and agenda be done on earth, rather than that of the will of the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the One, True and Only Creator–the one that Lucifer rebelled against in the first place.

In conclusion, I have been involved in almost all of what is passing itself off today as emanating from the Holy Ghost. Early on, I was groaning and weeping in very strange ways beginning in 1979.. Kenneth Copeland provided me with the explanation that I was looking for, confirming to me that my strange experience was a manifestation of intercessory prayer. Kenneth taught that the strange weeping and groaning that I did was a sacrificial work for the lost and the bound, emanating in travail from the Holy Ghost. TD Jakes and his “wailing women” seminars concur with Copeland. So Copeland, Jakes and others had  me convinced that God was using my travail to break yokes and bondages, ie. setting captives free. Since I believed that the Holy Ghost was using me to intercede, it is only natural that I held on to this strange work.

My mind was certainly unfruitful when I travailed and so often I tried to guess the reason behind it. I convinced myself that much of my groaning and weeping was for sinning preachers to repent. After 40 years, it did not work. Those who called themselves  just kept on sinning. I also laughed wildly in the spirit before I even heard of Hagin and Brown’s practice of what is called “holy laughter.”. My laughter was different, as I believed that the Holy Ghost was using me to laugh at the devil. When I laughed, I cried also. I found several scriptures to support my style of holy laughter and so I never tried this phenomena to see if it be of God. I just assumed that it was. The only supernatural experiences that I have not personally experienced is holy dance and shouting, African American style. Perhaps that is because I have no cultural background in the South and I was not raised in an African American Church or any church. In other words, holy dancing was not a part of my ancestral upbringing.

Furthermore, even though fallen angels  could no longer “step into me and speak,” some of my mediumistic traits DID survive my Christian conversion. If you have had any significant experience with even ONE occult practice, whenever  a counterfeit practices is exposed by the Holy Ghost, the former occult practitioner is  duty bound to remove it by repenting and disavowing it. For example, for at least 3 years, I could heal BEFORE I was converted. I was able to suck  pain out of people with my hands, particularly my left hand—proof that my healing gift was mediumistic and not charismatic, NOT OF THE HOLY GHOST. This was not exposed until the Lord Himself spoke to me in 2007 and quietly said “Pam, your healing gift is NOT from ME!” 

What did I do? 

I DO NOT TOUCH ANYONE, EVER!   I  repented, rebuked, resisted and renounced it. THAT WAS IN 2007. the name of my ministry for 25 years was Healing Waters.  I removed it from EVERYTHING and I shut down a website that was prospering.  Recently it has been revealed that I do not need to lay hands on anyone.  My ministry is entirely virtual.  I anticipate that the healing power of God will manifest when by faith and under the unction  of the Holy Spirit, I will call healing forth and people I never see shall be healed by the power of God. so if you have been a New Age person, be prepared to give up your “gifts.”  Totally.    Just keep   on cleaning your spiritual house as you  press toward the mark of your  high calling and truth will flood down upon you like rivers of living waters. this is how you resist the devil and he will flee  from YOU as he has fled from ME!.

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