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God Speaks Through Coronavirus: Let My People Go!

The Institutional Church Is Pharoah!

I have known since 2007 that the Lord desires His people to come out of institutional churches. For 25 years, I was an ordained minister in a corrupt denomination as well as a devout student of charismatic teachings, a  financial  partner of various Charismatic mega-preachers like Kenneth Copeland and Fred Price. Though led out by God in 2004, it was in the summer of 2007 that I heard from God, His mind to my mind in a rather long “conversation.”  I was wide awake, sitting at my desk when He revealed to me  that the present day institutional church is Pharoah, and that I minister in the mantle of Moses, declaring “Let My  People Go.”  In fact, in 2010,  I published a autobiographical book called “Come Out of Her God’s People.”  So I perceive that at this very moment in time, the institutional church is Pharoah. 

So from firsthand knowledge through decades of experience,  I know the institutional church “pretty well.” First of all, I am acutely aware that it is  an impossible task for any human being to dethrone such a huge power base, even in possession of  a miraculous rod. Consequently, I  wondered “How will you do it Lord?”  I have certainly been relieved  that the Lord’s expectation of me was not to focus on trying to actively warn people to leave the institutions. I assumed from day one that God Himself  would be the one to accomplish a worldwide exodus. 

Astonishingly apparent, the month of March 2020 made  things quite clear. What is impossible with men is possible with God. God is using the social distancing requirement of  Coronavirus to empty the churches. ALL AT ONCE, HE HAS OPENED THE RED SEA.  Its a dangerous time.  If you remain disobedient, you will go down with the sinking ship. If you return to the churches after the crisis has passed, you will be like Lot’s wife, looking back at what God is destroying! 

You may ask why. 

Your question is both logical and understandable. To cut to the chase, the reason God wants His people to “come out of Her,” is because the spirit of the Antichrist has progressively crept into religious institutions for centuries and every last person, down to the preacher has continued to be  just plain unaware. Spiritually blind, in fact. After about 1700 years, these religious buildings are comparable to haunted houses. Though invisible, church buildings are filled with evil spirits who specialize in religion. 

This seems a shocking, unbelievable thing to you. Well, it should not be because it’s biblical. Consider that 2 centuries ago, the Apostle Paul warned Timothy that in the last days, some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of Devils. To the church at Smyrna, the angel of the Lord declared to the Apostle John on the isle of Patmos:,

‘I know that you suffer and are poor. But you are rich! Some people say they are Jews but are not. I know that their words are evil. Their worship comes from Satan.” NIV, Revelation 2:9

And let us not forget the angel’s words to the church at where Satan is identified as “having a seat, and in other translations, “a throne.” I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan’s seat is: (Revelation 2:13 ) Therefore, it  stands to reason that  if Satan had a seat in the institutional church two centuries ago, it is not a stretch of the imagination to comprehend that in these times, there  has been an invisible takeover.

Social distancing is accomplishing the Lord’s will on several levels as it relates to the binding  of the power of the world over God’s people. In opposition,  the institutional church is fighting to hold on to its churchgoers during this pandemic. Some are running to online streaming but they haven’t figured out how to take the choir with them. Others are defying their state’s directives to conform with social distancing and they are  keeping their church doors open. The leaders are so deceived that they really don’t have a clue as to what is going on and as a result, they are fighting God’s command that Moses said to Egypt which the Coronavirus is echoing around the world: 

 Pharoah, Let My People Go!

I gotta’ tell you, God’s people in the churches  do not want to know a thing about seducing spirits. The pastors and leaders  do not   want YOU who attend their churches to know. The collective ministry shows no interest, and couldn’t give a hoot about an evil  spirit takeover of their churches in the form of the religious demons and fallen angels. Why? Because several in ministry are not born again. As a result, several are now hosting religious demons within their own souls .

Ironically, Satan is now using a churchgoers  ‘addiction’ to religion and churchianity against the elect of God, some of  whom  are now standing against public warnings. 

If you can’t come clean and effectively ‘detox’ , the enemy will keep a foothold in you. If you have ANYTHING in you that wants fame, fortune, popular acceptance, and approval, the enemy has yet another foothold in you. If you love attention, there is another one. If you love suffering, there is another one. if you love drama, there is another one.Just know that the more you continue in your detox from religion, the more you pursue truth, the more you will realize that your journey will NOT be popular. When you leave your church building behind, you WILL lose friendships…THAT’S A FACT. 

Satan has been out on bail ever since he pulled his greatest temptation on Eve then on Adam. It is just a matter of time before God’s verdict against him is enforced and he will be locked up for 1000 years, then released, and locked up for eternity in the lake of fire.  So he has got nothing to lose but time.  And he knows his time is short.  

Therefore, in this end-time season, you need to be prepared.

 Pam Sheppard Ministries  was enlisted by God in 2002 to help and guide you on your detox journey with books, videos, articles, correspondence courses, telephone and Zoom  counseling, coaching and deliverance,  private online group fellowship, bible studies, sermons and more. 

Just know that “we do nothing like your ex-church did it.” 


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