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Gospel Blindness in Laodicea

No Revelation of the "Resurrection of the Dead" in CHRIST!

One can read the Bible over and over again and miss its  essential message. Therefore, THE WORD OF GOD HAS TO BE REVEALED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT. Actually, the revealed word of God has been hidden for centuries.  Allow me to share some evidence of just how blind the church generation of Laodicea has been for centuries, existing not only without the power of the Lord’s resurrection, but moving forward decade after decade with no revelation of the resurrection of the dead in Christ.   

As a member of the Laodicean elect community since 1977, end time   blindness was recently revealed to me in a rather  personal way.  Since 2007, the Lord has delivered me from my own personal deception, while opening my eyes to  comprehend that  the world is in a religious trance. Over time,  I was shown how  religiosity has been giving birth to false conversions, long   before I entered the religious system in 1979.

 It was in 2007 and  2008 that I heard an audible voice say “I never sent you there,” referring to the day I joined an institutional church, having been born again at home in 1977.    From my 25 years experience of ministry within a denominational system, I knew there were serious problems but I thought they could be fixed.  Looking back, I now understand that my  perspective was way  too narrow, not considering  that the visible church is 2000 years old and it has worldwide influence and ramifications. 

 So here is a revelation I just received a few days ago.

For 20 years,  I have used I Corinthians 15 to confirm that the Lord’s resurrection is essential to being born again. Therefore, the hearer of God’s word  must understand the meaning of “He rose from the dead” in order to believe it. If the believer did not understand the Lord’s resurrection on the day of his or her  conversion, then he or she is not born again. 

Not that I was wrong, but the revelation goes a lot deeper than understanding and  believing in the Lord’s bodily resurrection from death. Without faith in the resurrection of the dead, our faith is vain and we are still in our sins. 

The Corinthians were born again people, moving in the gifts of the Spirit. Yet they stopped believing in the resurrection of the dead because when their brethren died in their midst about 2000 years ago, the Corinthians  witnessed no resurrection of their deceased brethren. Consequently, the Apostle Paul warned them that if there was to be no resurrection of the dead, then this would mean that Christ Himself is not risen. And if the Lord  is not risen, then the  faith of these believers had to be   vain and they were “still in their sins.” In other words, the two- —the resurrection of Jesus and the resurrection of the  dead among the elect of God —-are intricately connected. 

You can’t have one without the other.

Do you sense the ramifications of THAT?

Let me bring this into your own religious backyard.

 Have any of you heard the resurrection of the Lord Himself preached much less the preaching of the resurrection of the dead in Christ?  As a preacher in the religious system for 25 years,  I can personally answer my own question  with a resounding NOOOOOOO! Especially not the resurrection of the dead. The only time it’s mentioned is perhaps at a funeral, the last line of the eulogy in passing, as the casket is being lowered into the ground. The preacher says, “we will see our loved one again” or some such weak platitude.

No wonder Satan is in such control !!!!! HAS OUR  FAITH been VAIN AND ARE STILL WE STILL IN OUR SINS????!!!! (1 Cor 15:17)

What Did Spurgeon Say?

In a sermon the  well known and renowned minister Charles Haddon Spurgeon, preached on February 17, 1856—165 years ago___ he began to  reflect upon the sad state of the church in his time, wherein he noted  that the most outstanding  difference between the preaching  of the first   apostles   and the preaching of the 1800’s was “the resurrection of the dead.” 

He had never heard a message on the subject himself.  In fact, Spurgeon could find no books on the Lord’s  resurrection and nothing at all on the resurrection of the dead in the bookstores. Rather matter of fact, Spurgeon confessed  that in his day, there were very few Christians who believed on the resurrection of the dead.  On the contrary.  For the last 20 years, I have discovered that there are very few who even understand what “He rose from the dead even means.” 

In Spurgeon’s own words: 

The resurrection of the dead is quite another doctrine, dealing not with the soul, but with the body. The doctrine is that this actual body in which I now exist is to live with my soul; that not only is the “vital spark of heavenly flame” to burn in heaven, but the very censer in which the incense of my life doth smoke is holy unto the Lord, and is to be preserved for ever. The spirit, every one confesses, is eternal; but how many there are who deny that the bodies of men will actually start up from their graves at the great day? Many of you believe you will have a body in heaven, but you think it will be an airy fantastic body, instead of believing that it will be a body like to this—flesh and blood (although not the same kind of flesh, for all flesh is not the same flesh), a solid, substantial body, even such as we have here.”

What The Resurrection of the Dead Means to ME!

The reason why Satan has not been defeating me since 2001 is because on 9/11 of that year, I realized that the falling of the Towers marked the beginning of end times.  Immediately,  I began to  pay close  attention to end time clues in the scripture. I recalled  Jesus had said that a last days generation would not “pass away” or die off   on earth at the time of His return. Actually, the generation He referred to was the one birthed around the year  that  Israel would become a nation. That generation is those born around 1948. I realized  that I was born in  40’s.  what followed is that 20 years ago, I began to plan to keep myself healthy enough to be alive when the Lord returns. Why?  Because I had an aversion towards caskets and graves.  

What followed is that   I turned towards  the Apostle Paul’s words to the Thessalonians about those who would be alive when the Lord returns AND those dead whom the Lord would resurrect.(I Thes 4:12)

Therefore,  I have been believing in the Lord’s return to RAISE THE DEAD SINCE ABOUT 2001. Sept 11, 2021 will attest to 20 years of spiritual blindness removed from me by the bright light of Holy Spirit-inspired revelations. 

For example, it has recently been revealed to me why from time to time over the last 20 years , the devil has tried to get me to fear my own death.

 Its clear now. 


So the revealed truth is that I HAVE BEEN seeing MYSELF AS ALIVE WHEN THE LORD COMES. because changing those who are alive and resurrecting the dead will occur simultaneously, believing in the immortality of those living does not precede the resurrection of the dead, believing in one event is also believing in the other.  As long as I believe I will be alive and changed when the Lord comes, I am also believing in the resurrection of the dead. , Yet  whether I am alive when the Lord returns to earth is not  really the issue.

 THE ISSUE IS that  I believe the Lord is returning and that He will “raised the dead believers”.

with this recent revelation, In the last few days, I have stretched my faith even further.

 I AM NOT AFRAID OF THE GRAVE ANY LONGER!!!!! For even if I am not physically alive when the Lord returns, IT DOES NOT MATTER. If I am Alive I will be changed, and if dead, I WILL BE RAISED. 


Therefore as long as I live, I am armored TO DEFEAT SATAN AT EVERY TURN! !!!!

The anointing on PSM is greater than it has ever been in the last 40 years.  We are in the season of the Prophet Moses.  We are commanding Satan to let God’s People Go! 

As my life has continually been revealed by the revelations manifested through scripture, this ministry is being blessed to be used by God to help you uncover  your own spiritual revelations through deliverance counseling on Zoom, email counseling, group counseling, Assisted Self Study in End times (ASSET), mentoring, books, workshops  and courses.  

There is a thin line between helping someone in the flesh and helping someone in the spirit.  From personal experience, we know that the worst fear is the fear of death and the grave.  Let PSM help you overcome any torment or bondage that overshadows your own beliefs about the Lord and restore to you, His promises for an abundant fruitful rest of your life!

If you are in the US, you can book a session by clicking here.  Schedule your sessions according to Eastern Standard time.  If you are out of the country, call 888-818-1117 or email us at

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