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Guarding Our Hearts In 2020

The heart is the seat of thought, desires, emotions, and our relationships. “From it is the springs the issues of life” (Proverbs 4:23). If we are to look back at our 2019, we can see that perhaps many of our issues of life sprung from the heart. Our choices, and desires that caused “issues.” This is why it’s time for guarding our hearts in 2020.

Relationships Primary Issue

I’d say, that most of our issues can arises from our hearts making poor relationship choices. Who we trust, give our time to, share our thoughts with, in other words share our heart with: the “who” is key…

Many times, our hearts can crave emotional satisfaction. And at times, certain people can come in and “fill” that void, and need. But those people (that seem good) may be actually holding you back from your well-being and future. This emotional desire comes from a “lack of guard.” Since, guarding your heart allows you to fulfill that desire for social connection and emotional satisfaction with the right people who will better you.

Guarding, Not Cutting Out

I’m not suggesting you take a radical approach with your relationships and “cut every person out.” I am simply exhorting you TO GUARD YOUR HEART from people. Think of it this way. Your heart and relationships operate much like a neighborhood. In Hebrew, the word for heart is “levav” which is made up of two “Bets” or “Beth” which means “house.” Your heart works as a “home” in a neighborhood. Your neighborhood are people you have “near” your heart. Then there are people, you invite into “your home.” Do you see where this analogy goes?

For example, cutting out people would be if you were to “remove the houses” in your neighborhood. And yes, there are times when some people need to be “removed from your neighborhood.” But, more importantly the “doors” to your home should have “HOMELAND SECURITY” WITH THEM! Because when you let a person into your heart or “your home,” you give them access to your “treasures,” your secrets, your emotions, your “keys,” your desires, your plans, your thoughts. And not only that, but you receive their desires, secrets, emotions, treasures, and I think you get the idea…

Keep Your 2020 Relationships On Guard!

With all that’s been said, common sense simply teaches us that if you guard your heart. And by guarding (practically speaking), if you are diligent, careful, cautious, and wise in WHO you share your heart with and allow into your “home,” guarding your heart from the subtle wrong relationships… you will have a year with