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Hold Onto The Faith!

HOLD ONTO THE FAITH! BECAUSE FAITH IS WHAT ALLOWS US TO SEE THE UNSEEN. When we are walking by sight, our hope does not rest upon the invisible substances of Christ which are eternal, BUT upon the passing and fading temporal “riches.” OUR spirits which were regenerated BY FAITH in the Gospel become weak when the visible supersedes the invisible.

The History Of Faith

FAITH IS WHAT PRESERVES the people of God! It’s the “faithful ones” on the path to the preservation of the soul. Or, the “perfecting” and conforming to the image of Christ. Every soul written in the Lamb’s Book Of Life and belonging to the Kingdom of God is because of faith! This faith is from God, since Jesus Christ IS THE ONLY AUTHOR of ALL GENUINE FAITH and the FINISHER of faith. The Lord is the “Faithful Witness” who witnesses His truth with His faith by His sovereignty and grace.

People in the ancient times who pleased God were ones who had been given faith from Him. All the faith was centered on God and His “substances hoped for.” They were not afraid. Their confidence was in God because God gave them the CONVICTION to have assurance in His truth. THUS, allowing them to have a hope, full of substance. So, even the saints of old who lived by the Law, understood the concept of faith in the promises of God. Evermore, they knew by faith that the Messiah would come to defeat death and longed for the day.

WE WAVER when our faith comes from ourselves, AND when we lose sight of the hope that comes from faith given to us. You see, God will give us faith. However, WE MUST HOLD ONTO THAT FAITH. Standing, in His faith. This is why the saints of old pleased God, and why some perished. Those who perished LOST sight of faith, which resulted to harden hearts.

Today If You Hear His Voice

WE CAN’T ALLOW Satan to attack our faith. Since our faith is the “anchor of our soul” that takes us to the “inner-chamber” of God’s presence. When we let go of faith, and hold onto sight, we become unstable, double-minded, and lack the filling of the Holy Ghost.

“Taking up our faith” is practically recalling the faith God GAVE us. This ignites the “personal history” of how God’s gift of FAITH to you has preserved you to this present moment!! Which then brings PLEASURE to God and Christ who authored that faith and who WILL finish it. Upon the revelation of the precious gift of faith, passed down to you, the enemy’s fiery arrows sizzle and become quenched. And, because the Gospel is “the power of God’s salvation to all who believe” your HELMET is also up!

The spirit of the Antichrist is another operating force against our faith. Just as the troubles of the wilderness were against the Israelites, so with the Antichrist. Despite the darkness, we have been given light to overcome BY FAITH. This “light” is both past, current, and future. AS WE WALK by faith, we walk in the light of the Lord and more darkness is exposed around us. Allowing us to overcome the invisible wiles of the Devil.