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Identity: Homosexuality & Transgenderism in Endtimes

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

When one looks to find the truth, they'll find its light fulfills and sustains them

Homosexuality in the West - LGBTQ+

Exodus Internet Church’s mission is to equip the saints with two of the most powerful aspects of Christian living: knowledge and truth. This is doubly important in our society today as we live in the 11th hour – the dawn of the day when the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth returns.

American and western culture has found itself shifting and changing at a dramatic rate over the last 20+ years in particular. We have seen a country at war with itself on a number of fronts including ideology, spirituality, culture, morality, etc. Yet there is a certain sin and movement in our culture that I feel the need to stretch out and place underneath the stage of a microscope so it can be properly dissected and understood from a spiritual perspective.

And that is the deception, concept and sin of homosexuality. And when I say homosexuality, I am not addressing just male-on-male or female-on-female relationships. It’s deeper than that – there is now bisexuality, non-binary and transgender sexuality at play that needs to be understood spiritually.

First, let us consult the Scriptures to see what God has to say about sexuality. In Genesis we read about Adam and how a woman, Eve, was created to give Adam partnership in his life. Leviticus is more explicit with regard to homosexuality: Leviticus 20:13 states that a man lying (having sexual relations) with a man and a woman having sex with a woman is an abomination. We see Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed for its sexual immorality. And both Jude 1:7 and Romans 1:26-28 talk about homosexuality as a sin and calls such a thing unnatural.

The word unnatural is important here. Men and women were created to have sex with each other and no one else. Any variation of these two sides of a sexual union is unnatural.

LGBTQ+ is an Attack on One’s Individuality

I want to put this in a spiritual perspective: Homosexuality, transgenderism, non-binary identification, bisexuality, etc. are all an attack on the individual’s identity!

There’s a lot to cover here.

First off, we get a blueprint of what human sexuality naturally looks like and is designed for in the Bible: man and woman whose biological designs fulfill the other’s with the capability to reproduce.

Second, I need to make this clear: there is a demonic agenda in homosexuality. Homosexuality is a house ruled by evil spirits. At a young age, they will target a person and bombard their minds with thoughts of finding members of the same sex sexually attractive. Because the average populace is unaware of the fact that evil spirits communicate with people through the mind, they make the error of assuming that these thoughts are their own and are thus gay.

Satan's agenda with it is to get the person to live in sin by not just committing a sin, but by taking that sin and making it a fundamental aspect of their personality. It is no longer “I committed a homosexual act” but “I am gay, was born gay, and that is a central part of my life that I will always identify as.” This is open rebellion against God and the person is deceived by the devil because they think they “realized” they were gay. The truth is that an evil spirit planted the thoughts into their minds and the person claimed it as part of their personality unaware of its deception.

The concept of male and female identity has been further bastardized by the concept of transgenderism. Transgenderism is an attack and mockery of God as a creator. You must understand that God delights in the act of creating. Just like he framed and crafted every galaxy and planet down to each animal or insect on the earth, every human being is a glorious creation by the Lord God. Humans are even more special because they have a soul and spirit that lives on after death, made to have a special connection with God Himself. And each one has a distinct personality.

Despite only a few facial features in our eyes, noses, lips, eyebrows and the different shapes we can take, God has found a way to make each and every single individual in this world unique. For all the billions of people to have walked the earth, no two are the same. Yet despite all of their variety, they always come in one of two sexes: male or female.

There is a specialness to this. God wants you to be a man. God wants you to be a woman. Regardless of who you are, you can be an individual and embrace both masculinity and femininity depending on your personality and interests. Read my article here if you’d like to learn more about the Christian perspective on masculinity and femininity.

Let us rejoice in how God made us

Satan Mocking God as Creator

By declaring that you are a woman when you are a man or are a man when you are a woman, you not only make a mockery of the sacred act of the creation of man and woman, but also forfeit your true identity to the devil. Because homosexuality is one of the main walls of deception that Satan is exerting onto the masses in this day and age.

Satan is trying to lead men and women down the path of denying themselves. By convincing them that they are the opposite sex of who they truly are, evil spirits are saying, “God, we are the true creators. Your creation of man or woman does not suffice in our eyes, so we will make your own creation rebel against you and proclaim that they are their own identity of male or female. You made them man and woman, now we are making them the opposite.” God created them as man, but Satan is the one who is getting them to say they are women.

Evil spirits imitate God and mock Him as many chances as they get. This stems from Satan originally rebelling against God and proclaiming that he will be the one to rule over all. The sexuality and gender of a man or woman is a fundamental trait of who they are as an individual – God put that them in them as He created them. To deny that is a rebellious act exerted by evil spirits. Satan is trying to prop himself up as the ultimate creator by perverting one’s identity into something it is not.

The deception has gone so deep that identity has been confused by even wilder means. There are people who think they are multiple people at once, different personalities who take them over, and even a group of people (furries) who pretend to be animals and dress up as them. The last is especially mocking of God because as humans we were meant to rule over animals. For what reason would we ever want to be like one in our physical form when God gave us human bodies that, one day, will be made perfect by the Lord Jesus Christ?

In addition to this, the very notion of “gay pride” being represented both thru the word of pride and the image of a rainbow is a mockery in itself. Pride is one of the last things any Christian wants to be, as the Bible tells us that pride gets God to resist us.

By not only owning the identity of homosexuality but being prideful in it, that person makes it even more difficult for God’s grace to act in their life! For they are unknowingly wrapped in a combo of both homosexuality and pride, two great affronts to God. Satan did this intentionally to frustrate the person’s ability to find the truth even more. The more densely sin is compounded in one’s life, the harder it is to find the truth as the fogs of deception, confusion and lies overtake the person’s mind to the point they forget who they are.

As for the rainbow imagery, the rainbow was created as a sacred sign by God to assure us that He would never destroy the earth with a flood again. A Christian image and special message by God has been perverted by Satan for use by the LGBTQ+ community so people forget the inherent Godliness of the message.

The entire agenda of homosexuality is to get the individual to live a lie. A life with the lie of homosexuality on the crown of their head, declaring that it is who they are when it is completely antithetical to the natural experience of being a man or woman.

What needs to be done is for homosexuality to be looked at for what it is: sin. The good news is that no sin is above the power of God, with EIC even having one of our most prominent members having been delivered from the sin and deception of homosexuality upon being born again. Acknowledging one’s own identity as a man and woman and how God naturally created them is a beautiful first step to living an authentic life true not just to themselves, but to the Lord God who created them that way.

Let us rejoice in being a man. Let us rejoice in being a woman. Let us be free of deception and happy in Christ for who He made us to be.

Do you wish to learn more about real-world issues and understand it from a Christian perspective? If you find yourself seeking spiritual growth in Christ, give Exodus Internet Church a call at 888-818-1117 or email

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Jewel Reynolds
Jewel Reynolds
Aug 05, 2023

I remember growing up as a young person and I felt as though I was attracted to both sexes. I knew it was confusion and I fought through that battle because I knew it was not what God wanted for me. Little did I know it would be one of many battles. Yet through the Grace of Christ I remained committed to keep going no matter if I have stumbled or stumble.


Aug 02, 2023

Great article, it summed up the dangers of the LGBTQ and gender theory problem. The way the world and religion used the Bible to oppress women sadly led many to reject the concept of gender all together. As was said, we are born male or female, but our personality has traits from both. When I was a teen I thought I was not a girl because I was called "too masculine". And experts say many teenagers think they are trans for that reason ! Insanity

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