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Idolatry and the Impact of Plagues Upon Christianity

By Pastor Pam

As I pointed out in several of my books, the practice of idolatry— whether purposeful or in ignorance— is an open gateway to the plagues. Easy believism, aka the “I accept Jesus into my heart”practice is at the top of the list of the most pervasive practices of idolatry in the churches. Closely followed is the speaking in tongues, the prosperity gospel and closet homosexuality among the clergy. Truly, the list of idolatrous practices is very long. Blasphemous doctrines are the most glaring including those that add to or detract from the gospel of Jesus Christ as both Savior and Lord. As Paul warned the Galatians, to add to or detract from the gospel brings a lasting curse with it. (Galatians:1:8) A curse is synonymous with a plague.

In my book called “the New Idolatry,” you will find these words:

“I perceive some basic principles that can be gleaned from an exploration of how God delivered His people out of the hands of Pharaoh to understand how He will also deliver the remnant elect out of the hands of the Antichrist when He opens the 7 vial and the 7 seal judgments outlined by the Apostle John in the book of Revelation.These judgments or plagues are listed in the 8th chapter: earthquakes, the sea becomes blood, 1/3 of the creatures of the sea die, 1/3 of the rivers and waters are contaminated, darkness with 1/3 of the light turned off of the moon, the sun and the stars, locusts that torment the unsaved for 5 months, and 1/3 of men killed by war. Endtime plagues certainly bear noticeable similarities to the 10 wonders that came upon Egypt, ie. the contamination of water, weather disturbances aka climate change, death of sea creatures, darkness, and death, with God’s people being protected.”

What are the plagues? The worst plague is a curse of spiritual blindness caused by delusion and demonic deception. The worst of the worst is to be duped into believing that you are going to heaven, and to die and find yourself in hell for eternity. For what does it profit a man, if he gains the whole world yet loses his soul? (Matthew 16:25) The fact that countless people have been indoctrinated into the “I accepted Jesus” practice aka the “make a decision” for Christ gospel are the worst abominations of them all. For this form of idolatry distorts the word of God to such an extent, than I am willing to estimate that 95% of churchgoers believe that they are born again , yet they are not. Counterfeit spiritual births at the altars of God are the absolute worst plague, the fruit of idolatry. This horrendous sign is pervasive throughout the organized church worldwide—a huge, gaping hole for demonic infestation and other horrendous plagues to enter with ease.

In “the “Tribulation: Signs to Wonder About” a salient warning is presented:

Just because you have not yet felt the ramifications of a plague, does NOT mean that you have escaped it. It may manifest at the end of your life or even in the lives of your children and grandchildren. For example, freemasonry in the church is a major outrage of how the Fake Jesus has established a seat in countless organized religious systems. In fact, many of mainline denominations were even founded by practicing freemasons, with freemasons pervasively established in the pulpits yet today.

In the ebook Social Distancing and the Out of Church Movement,” Covid 19 is considered as a special warning relative to idolatrous teachings and practices built into Christian religion. Case in point, the following quotations loudly amplifies the warning:

In the month of March 2020, the Holy Spirit made things quite clear. What is impossible with men is possible with God. God is using the social distancing requirement of Coronavirus to empty the churches. ALL AT ONCE, HE HAS OPENED THE RED SEA. Its a dangerous time. If you remain disobedient, you will go down with the sinking ship. If you return to the churches after the crisis has passed, you will be like Lot’s wife, looking back at what God is destroying!

You may ask why.

Your question is both logical and understandable. To cut to the chase, the reason God wants His people to “come out of Her,” is because the spirit of the Antichrist has progressively crept into religious institutions for centuries and every last person, down to the preacher has continued to be just plain unaware. Spiritually blind, in fact. After about 1700 years, these religious buildings are comparable to haunted houses. Though invisible, church buildings are filled with evil spirits who specialize in religion.

It follows that plagues that can destroy the soul are actually worst than those that debilitate the body only. Sickness and disease are certainly among the plagues, but there are several others. In our times, there are plagues that were not around in other generations: Covid-19, HIV/AIDS, crack, violence like drive by shootings, missing children, the domestic violence cycle and so many more.Addiction of any kind is a plague primarily due to the dysfunction within the human will. As previously addressed, besides the mind and the emotions, the soul also consists of the will. Whenever the human will is in any kind of bondage, a plague is in operation which follows that the soul is seriously damaged.

The simple truth is that a plethora of plagues, aka pandemics shall play a crucial role in the last days before the Lord Jesus Christ returns to earth, wherein He will destroy all plagues as death itself is destroyed. In the meantime, The Lord God has left us a list of instructions. the most important one being “Come out OF HER MY PEOPLE, lest you partake of Her sins and receive f Her plagues.

Her? Who is SHE? That is the question. To answer that question, we must also ask “where are The Lord’s People?”

When you have received the answer to these two questions, then you will know what to do and what NOT to do.

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