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Is Salvation Dependent On Natural Faith Or Divine Faith?

It is important to understand that there are two kinds of faith: natural and divine or God’s own  faith, given to human beings. This article will explore the difference between the two kinds of faith. So the question becomes…is salvation dependent on natural faith or divine faith?

Consider what Pastor Pam wrote about faith:

Natural Faith Is Inherent in Us

The bible suggests that faith is evidence of what you actually believe. If it is snowing out real hard, and you stand at a bus stop waiting for the bus to come, that is natural faith. Your standing there is evidence of your faith in the bus company. This kind of natural faith is based on the fact that you have some experience with the bus company that supports the fact that snow does not stop them. If you did not know that, then standing there for hours without any sort of proof would be blind, irrational faith.

We go to bed at night, expecting to wake up in the morning by natural faith. We go to work, expecting a paycheck because we have a history with working first and receiving a paycheck later. The fact that we work without pay for two weeks or more is the evidence of our faith in our employer’s ability and inclination to pay us AFTER the fact.

When we get born again, we are given divine faith to believe on the bodily resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. No one can believe in the resurrection on human faith or natural based faith because we have no experience in the natural with anyone dying, coming back to life, never to die again. Certainly, we read about this in the bible but we have not experienced it ourselves. So God has to give us the faith to believe it.

To walk in the spirit, we do so on divine faith, given to us in a measure by the Holy Spirit. The more experiences and dealings with God we have, the stronger our faith becomes because it is built on trust.

Divine Faith

Part of trust is understanding that the Holy Spirit must be the one to bring to into reality a supernatural faith of substance that pleases God. Our own human based faith is simply deficient. Unfortunately, this current church system has wrongly taught that salvation is man’s choice to choose God. Nothing can be further from the truth, we have no ability to choose nor accept Jesus. Instead, we must wait on the divine calling of the Holy Spirit. It is the sole job of the Holy Spirit to cause the Elect to believe in the bodily resurrection. We can not truly walk in the spirit until the Holy Spirit gives a believer divine faith that is sufficient in the Eyes of God.

Our natural faith on its own can not reconcile or regenerate a dead spirit. A false conversion is spiritual conversion built on a religious lie. If this describes your current spiritual walk, there is very good news. Our mission is to Help you get on the right track and on to the narrow path of salvation. As you await salvation, Truth can help boost up your natural faith in order to have the patience to wait on the Holy Spirit’s timing and prompting to real salvation.

I was once like you, I believed so many religious lies. However, it is was my torment that caused me to understand that something was wrong with my spiritual walk. In fact, this ministry helped me get passed my torment and I became born again not by my doing, but by the Power of the Holy Spirit. If you feel that God is showing you that “something just ain’t right”. I highly suggest that you examine your salvation. This ministry offers a  course in examining your salvation where you receive 2 ebooks plus a video course. If you are interested in taking this course, click here.

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