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False Conversion: Lasting Freedom Starts with Overcoming

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Knowing about my false conversion was the first thing I needed to do in order to be rid of the shackles of heavy harassment and attacks from the enemy. In my life, evil spirits kept talking about Jesus, but it was really the fake Jesus, (Jesus Sananda Immanuel). I had no idea just how much this false conversion was heavily impacting my life for the worse.

Most of my relatives were religious and I felt pressured to feel as if it was ok to "accept Jesus to come into my heart". Little did I know, when I did this, it invited a deceptive evil spirit imitating Jesus Christ. I would see others around me say "praise God", "praise the Lord" but turn around and do vindictive, fornicating, lying, stealing, manipulative harmful acts to others. It didn't make sense to me. At that time, I knew nothing about false conversions. During the time of my false conversion, any time I tried to say "praise the Lord" out loud, it always felt phony to me. When I was religious, the biggest religious thing I did was pray religiously and go to church, yet I continued to be filled with anxiety, distress and fear. Fear and worry continuously plagued me when I had a false conversion.

Previously when I prayed, it was actually a religious evil spirit accepting my prayers and pretending to be Jesus. As I saw the chaos happening in my life, I learned that I had a false salvation experience, and I was worshipping the fallen angel, Jesus Sananda Immanuel. That religious spirit was answering my prayers.

Paster Pam gave me the truth that I needed to overturn my false conversion. When I renounced and overturned my false conversion, I got set free from what I had never really wanted to partake in the first place.

God then surprised me in 2019! After I overturned the false conversion, he gave me unforgettable faith to believe in Jesus Christ of Nazareth! When I received faith to believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I first started sobbing. Crying. I blurted out; Christ is all that matters! It's all about Jesus! Then Pastor Pam came to me and asked me who is my Lord? I screamed out "it's Jesus, it's Jesus!" So loud. At the top of my lungs. The loudest my voice has ever been in my life. The way I said Jesus's name was in a loud, strong, bold, way that I had never said before. Then what came next was something so unexpected. My sorrow turned to celebration, excitement, and joy. Joy in his resurrection. I was given faith to believe that Jesus came back alive again. That he is alive today. The best way to describe this shock was as if you had discovered that something everyone said was impossible, actually did happen! Christ did what I thought was impossible. My crying turned to shock. That was the Holy Spirit giving me faith about Jesus Christ's resurrection.

I used to willfully think it was ok for me to condemn myself when I messed up. It was this weird act that I knowingly did. I would forcefully make myself tell me that I had no choice but to condemn myself. I would say to myself in a willful harsh way, "why did you do that?" Now as a born-again believer, I notice I do not allow myself to do that behavior. I think to myself, next time handle this situation better. The over exaggerated, over the top, excessive act to purposefully attack myself, as if I deserve punishment, no longer happens.

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Written by Abbi

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