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Jesus Is The Name Above All Names

One of the major goals of the Enemy is to blow believers off course. He blows believers off the true path of salvation. How does he do it? He does it by operating through religion. His main goal is to twist scripture by either passing off an outright lie or by mixing the Truth. We live in a society full of Information Overload. He interweaves spiritual lies in with a little of the truth to make the misinformation of lies palatable and believable. The goal is to get the believer to never suspect the lie or mixed truths. Mixed truths are pushed through religion to manipulate the minds of a sincere believer.

Mass Manipulation

Jesus warned us in the gospels that “false Christs” will arise and many will believe in a “Fake Jesus.” Satan and his henchmen have been using religion for centuries to distort scripture. One way he does this is by minimizing the divinity of our Lord Jesus. He manipulates believers through by placing emphasis on our Heavenly Father while downplaying the divinity of Jesus. He does this by manipulating the minds of false teachers. False Teachers help spread lies that Jesus either has no divinity or is not the center of our worship. The Enemy uses clever techniques by shifting the emphasis on what names we shall call God. Some religions like Jehovah’s Witnesses put great emphasis on calling God “Jehovah” while other religions insist on calling our Lord a Hebrew name like “Yahshua.” Despite religion, our Heavenly God makes it simple he commissioned that the name of Jesus is the Name above All names. This is one of the problems with religion is that religion complicates things but God intended for us to keep things simple. When we place our worship on the Father we actually quench the Holy Spirit. The Enemy loves to stir up confusion.

Stirring Up Confusion

Some religions only place Jesus at the back of worship teaching that Jesus is just a messenger or the Son God with no divinity. God is one depth but One that teaches simplicity that even a child could understand who Jesus truly is. However, our Heavenly Father makes it plain to us in the Hebrews that he takes great delight in his son being God and keeping his son’s name simple. The Enemy minimizes the divinity of our Lord Jesus by complicating matters by distorting the name of God. The Enemy loves to gain worship for himself. He does this by minimizing our Trinity God as the true God and tricking believers in worshipping “another Jesus” with a little ‘g’. When believers fall for ‘another Jesus with a little ‘g’ then Satan has accomplished his purpose and that is to deceive.

Come Out of Confusion

God is waking up his chosen Elect and he has instructed us to “Come out of Her.” When God says to “come out of her” he means that we wants us to come out from religion and mass confusion. You will need to detox and dry out from religion. More importantly, you will need to come out from serving “another Jesus” with a little “g.” If you have fallen for false doctrines like the ‘I accept’ doctrine or perhaps the prosperity doctrine then you have fallen prey to a mixed truth and mass deception. If you are ready to break out of religious confusion, consider purchasing this book. Buy Spiritual Gold, get this book! Or, if you have questions or if you would like to be counseled, call Pastor Pam toll free at 1-888-818-1117 at Pam Sheppard Ministries.

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