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Know Yourself and Confuse the Devil!

Anytime you don’t know who you are and why you are behaving the way that you do, you are a prime target for demonic interference. That is why I am less concerned about whether or not you ever experimented with the occult or drugs than I am about how you deal with “making mistakes.” It does not take a great deal of education to become a great learner. Learning involves listening and mimicking. Even if we can’t read or write, life itself is going to teach us something!!!” If you have never made a mistake then you have not learned very much.

For the Christian in particular, God designs the lessons of life disguised in the form of obstacles, mistakes and difficulties through a maize of trials, tribulations, troubles and tests.


Because the Christian walk in the spirit by faith in God alone is what earns us our eternal crowns. Without any ashes, there is no beauty. Without failure, there is no glory. Without falling, we really don’t know to get up or to stand.

We are sinners who must totally rely on the Holy Spirit’s leading

in order to please a perfect God.

He is pleased when we can resist the pride of our sinful nature and

embrace our ashes.

To Resist the Devil Effectively

http://deliverancecounseling@yahoo. OmOnce you get undeceived, the biggest revelation you will receive in deliverance counseling is that when you resist pride, you confuse the devil. Be aware that  for 44 years and counting, fallen angels have fought long and hard over me. , to obtain just enough ground to keep me perpetually deceived. With every little bit of counterfeit guidance, manifestations of various chills and thrills to my body, whispers in my itching ears ever so softly, the religious devil thought that he had firmly secured his ground. The beauty of his  strategy is that without much effort on the devil’s part, he actually used  my own faith and my sincerity, against me. in point of fact, keeping my deception in tact by using my own pride against me. 

In fact, for two decades, his knowledge of me seemed  foolproof. By means of subtle suggestions, frequent, almost constant dreams, a few key visions, and with outstanding prophecies of a future ministry lodged in my mind, I personally validated the overall deception by my own assumption that “it all was from God.”

So how did I escape? The road to freedom was as  the Lord Jesus said. My love for the truth consistently and continually shut down each and every road that led to the deception. At the same time, I CONTINUALLY DEALT WITH PRIDE AS I PROGRESSED, SO GOD DID NOT RESIST ME and THE ENEMY HAD TO FLEE FROM ME!

. Most important, as each experience proved to have been sent to me by the deception of a fallen angel, I denounced it, not only verbally but in all of my actions and practices.

The principles gleaned from my own journey are intricately built  into  deliverance counseling with PSM.  We will saturate you  with strategies akin to your own personality and struggles to enhance your  self knowledge. We  will equip you to  defeat the evil spirit assigned to you every time!

To book a session, call and ask for Evan at 838-217-0104 or request an appointment  at

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