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Laodicea, the Parables and Satan

As soon as the clock struck midnight of January 1, 1901, Rev. Pamela Sheppard suspects that the world’s descent into the biblical church age of Laodicea began, and therefore the 21st century marks the end of the 20th century’s Laodiceans age aka the age of the gentiles.

As predicted in the scripture, the Lord describes the lukewarm Christians of the Laodicean-era as “neither cold nor hot” (Revelations 3:15)—-a boastful generation of material wealth and prosperity. Does not this scripture point to the popularity of the present day “prosperity gospel?”

Why are church leaders continuing to assemble in spite of evidence of deadly outbreaks of the Coronavirus’s claim on the lives of both clergy and congregates alike? The phenomenon is reported by the media in numerous headlines. In fact, pastors determined to keep their churches open are dying of the disease. Unfortunately, the lives of congregates are taken alongside them. False healers are themselves sickened.

Nevertheless, religious churchgoers cannot remain in their homes on Sunday, as they itch to seek a boundless, infinite God within the confines of a building. Keep in mind, these individuals are supposed to be the most zealous and faithful of the Lord’s crop. Why would He allow the Coronavirus to circulate amongst His own households of worship? Could it be that His protective spirit wasn’t present in the first place?

Enter the church age of Laodicea, where professing Christians crave material and monitorial wealth from the Lord. Yet, they have no discerning knowledge of false doctrine nor a solid understanding of the Lord’s resurrection to keep themselves safe from the wiles of the Enemy. For you, dear reader, that can change right now. The key to surviving through the eleventh hour before the Lord’s Return is at the touch of your fingertips in the embedded video above.

Listen to Pastor Pam provide a brief chronology of previous church eras, within a clear commentary of the consequences resulting from when Constantine organized the Institutional church system in the fourth century AD. Watch as she also unravels the simple, yet hidden meaning behind the Lord’s parables such as ‘the Mustard Seed’ and ‘the Foolish Virgins.’

Learn for yourself, if you unknowingly need your empty lamps full of oil. For you will discover how to buy gold from the Lord, His request to all those living currently during the church age of Laodicea, forged in such a way that any fiery darts of the Enemy shall be quenched. Simply put, “using gold” from the Lord through the likes of the Prosperity Gospel by ‘sowing’ any seed through a tithe is a foolish teaching. 

Within their discussion, Pastor Pam’s disciples will challenge professing Christians to ponder their own spiritual journey. you will be inspired and motivated By their personal experiences of the Enemy attempting to sabotage their livelihood, particularly through religion after attending church or “accepting Jesus.” During the eleventh hour, an increasing number of Christians are becoming tormented through blasphemous thoughts, obsessive behaviors, unexplainable visions, or distortion of their sexuality.

Pam Sheppard Ministries offers a unique curriculum of deliverance counseling to combat the Enemy’s assault on the Elect, while he still has access to them during his temporary reign on the Earth. Each disciple in the video presents a living testimony of how the Institutional Church failing to meet the quintessential needs of the sheep. You may see yourself within the testimony that each disciple presents. As they were and ill-equipped for the Enemy’s subtle trickery as religious churchgoers, each disciple has reclaimed the ground of his or her soul that was previously held hostage. Besides deliverance and healing, under Pastor Pam’s tutelage and pastoral counseling, they continue to be prepared to fulfill their role as eleventh hour workers, the last of God’s stewards to His flock before His inevitable return to the Earth.

As a licensed master degree counselor by profession since 1973 and licensed to preach in 1981, Rev. Pamela Sheppard was ordained in 1988 by a presiding Bishop within a well known denomination. She has over 35 years of experience as a pastor and numerous years treating those in bondage to the Enemy’s wicked schemes.  The  founder of a Christian model called deliverance counseling, Pastor Pam’s  methods stand firm by helping clients examine their salvation experience and pinpoint any possibility of a false conversion (salvation which isn’t granted by the Holy Spirit but through man-centered actions, such as “accepting Jesus” or religious sacraments such as “baptism” as a child.) Next steps involve an assessment of the religious or occultic doorways necessary to shutdown and dethrone, followed by the crafting of a treatment plan designed to ensure that all demonic doorways are permanently closed.  Those set free are provided with their very own spiritual tools to manage and keep the Enemy’s schemes at bay long after sessions are over. 

Consider those who are becoming spiritually freed from the shackles of the Enemy outside of the institutional church system. One should wonder about the invisible forces responsible for “the Holy dance,” “slain in the spirit,” or the “miraculous healings” that occur there, especially if God’s spirit has been quenched or grieved. the truth is that the Enemy masquerades as an angel of light. How is that possible? The institutional church system no longer has clergy who can properly treat those infected by spiritual illness. Nor do they possess the sound advice necessary to free their members from the Enemy’s simplest of deceits.

Something is seriously wrong in Laodicea. There are at least 31,000 Protestant denominations each with their own path to the road of salvation. Though one denomination, the Catholic Church, 3.1 billion members. It’s wise to gain some wisdom of how to burn hotly for the Lord during a time of spiritual disease and murkiness.

Don’t we need to use our God given commonsense? For if the church age of Laodicea is as affluent in the spirit as it has been in the material, then all its denominations should all agree on a common Gospel and a proper salvation experience. The first place to start is to agree that salvation does not occur with accepting Jesus into your heart.

So, what’s the one true, narrow path? Watch the embedded video above to find out! Better find out the truth here than to risk the Coronavirus amongst lukewarm pews.

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