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Let the Truth Break the Shackles of Captivity!

Freedom From Captivity By Truth

Freedom From Captivity By Truth

In order to let the truth break the shackles of captivity, truth in all aspects must be embraced. Those who are in need of deliverance often go straight to wanting demons to be cast out from them. The common problem is the lack of knowledge that a person can actually let the truth break the shackles of captivity. Many do not realize the power the truth truly has on an individual seeking to be set free from demonic captivity.

There is a reason an individual becomes in bondage to a demon. A demon cannot have access to an individual unless that person becomes passive, gives up their free will, and allows that demon to infiltrate their life. An altered state of consciousness is the pathway demons use to access your soul. Captivity can cause a religious or witchcraft demon to carry out emotional distress such as torment, fear, anxiety, and worry. Also these evil spirits can produce demonic manifestations of visions, dreams, hallucinations, and hearing voices.

Be Undeceived in Order to Undeceive Others

When the individual becomes a captive, the person that captive goes to for help, is key. At Pam Sheppard Ministries, we have discovered that many individuals that have found themselves in demonic captivity, professed to be Christians. Here lies a big part of the problem. A vast majority of the professing Christian world have often unknowingly, accepted a religious demon or religious fallen angel, during Christian worship. So the deliverance worker must be free from such evil spirit deception in order to help the captive. How can a person who themself is unknowingly worshipping a demonic spirit masquerading as Jesus Christ, help set free a captive in need of deliverance? So the deliverance worker who is undeceived and not kept bound by demons is important.

It’s important for the deliverance worker to have the knowledge of what a true salvation experience is. Knowledge about the demonic deception happening all over the world, including in the professing Christian community is also vital. When truly casting out demons from a captive, true salvation in Jesus Christ of Nazareth is important. The Lord did set captives free by casting demons out, yet other times he set people free by truth. A deliverance counselor not yet born again but thoroughly equipped with the truth of all the deceptive ways evil spirits operate, may help set the captive free by truth!!

Deliverance By Truth

The truth alone can definitely set free a captive. The truth in deliverance is such a powerful weapon against all sorts of evil spirits: whether witchcraft, occult, or religious. If it is a fallen angel, this sort of evil spirit does not enter and stay in the individual like a demon does. Fallen angels and demons can walk away when the individual is set free by truth. The truth packs a powerful punch in this world of extreme deception by evil spirits. In scripture, Paul states that Satan is the god of this age and that he has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God. (2 Corinthians 4:4). Satan has blinded the minds of unbelievers and is the deceiver of the world, relentlessly seeking to hide any form of truth to whoever he can, even those on the path to salvation. He will even try to deceive those who have been born again in Jesus Christ of Nazareth, in other various methods so the born again individual must still be vigilant.

An Agenda of Lies

In this world of worldwide Satanic deception, lies are the norm in every system the world has to offer. Whether corporate, business, politics, education, and yes religion, Satan has a seat in it. He has an agenda of lies and secrets set to cause destruction to whom he can possibly get a hold of. Even those who profess to be Christians in the institutional church carry out secretive or hidden ways as evidenced by portraying a façade personality, passive aggressiveness, and religious phony behaviors.

All Things in Jesus Christ Brings Freedom

Satan and his armies rely so heavily on lies in order to implement their deception and bondage; this includes partial truths, because a “partial truth” is still a lie. Since this is the case, one can see why the knowledge and embracing of the truth is highly essential during spiritual warfare against evil spirits. A professing Christian who was tricked to worship a religious evil spirit can be set free by truth in many ways. An example is to discover how and why the individual had a false conversion and was led to worship a false Christ. As a result, that individual can renounce the evil spirit they were unknowingly worshipping. Another is when the captive is truthful in all ways about who they really are and as they reveal the truth, gives the deliverance counselor the ability to uncover what secrets and lies the enemy is holding against the captive. When it comes to the truth, Jesus said: he is the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through him. (John 14:6).

The Unfolding of Truths and the Road to Freedom

The truth may be hard at first to accept but it is freeing! We’ve become accustomed to live in a world where all we want to hear is what we want to hear. People tend to ignore the truth because it may not be what they want or expect but ultimately the truth is freeing and that’s what deliverance is all about. Yes the sting of the truth may occur but eventually you are healed!! Suppose a parent suspects their child is engaging in dangerous activity but is afraid to know the truth so they ignore and avoid all the warning signs. But suppose that parent confronts the truth..yes the sting and pain of finding out may be there, but at least it’s freeing to know what their child is going through. They can then take the necessary steps of how to handle their situation.

My Own Connection to Deliverance and Truth

I myself have personal knowledge and experience with needing deliverance and thankfully have received freedom from demonic captivity with the help of counseling by Pastor Pam Sheppard, who has worked with me so well, due to her undeniable embrace of the truth in all ways. Counseling with her has revealed my strengths, weaknesses, talents, mistakes, flaws, improvements, and successes. In counseling, I do not get “puffed up” and my weaknesses may certainly be pointed out. I get the real truth and nothing but it. The truth not only strengthened me but set me free.

The Keys to Unlock the Shackles Are Obtainable

It’s so important to embrace the truth in every aspect otherwise if demons already have a strong hold over you, they will try to make you suffer by surrounding you with lies. If you choose to live in a fantasy, or accept lies then you live in darkness and refuse to accept what is real. This all causes you to stay a captive instead of freed. This is why it’s important to let the truth break the shackles of captivity.

To learn more about deliverance and deliverance counseling from Pam Sheppard Ministries, call 1-888-818-1117.

We also have a website that centers on the power of the truth of the resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. All deception and lies are uncovered. For those interested in membership, several options are available.

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