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Meeting Of The Brethren

During the times of the early believers, they had an “assembly” of saints. A time when they would gather together in Christ for a “meeting.” Many times Church people hurl the phrase, “do not forsake the meeting of the brethren.” However, they do not understand the context. Let’s take a look at what is the meeting of the brethren.

What Is A “Meeting”?

“Not forsaking the meeting of the brethren, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another. And so much the more, as ye see the Day approaching” (Heb. 10:25). This word in Greek can also mean “assemble, gather together.”

Paul mentions in other letters to churches he oversaw about a “gathering” in the name of the Lord (1 Cor 5:4). So, it’s apparent that believers both then and now where to assemble together in fellowship to exhort each other.

The Assembly: Further Analysis

Let’s consider that when this Epistle was written, it was written to a group of Jews. These Jews were believers and expelled from the second temple (hence why the writer had to explain much about the terms of the New Covenant). They had no church, no organized building to go to. They themselves gathered together as a group without a building.

In fact, this is how it was all across the land of the believers in Christ. There was no buildings. They would often meet or “gather” in homes of other people. Since, they most likely understood that they themselves were the “building” or church of Christ and did not need to construct a building for God. This assembly, seen in the Scriptures is simply a physically united individual believers in the Lord.

The Meeting In Our Times

God works in mysterious ways using things to achieve a way for His people. Even in different times. God does not change, but His light that shines down to us can change in order to work for a particular situation for His name.

Since our ministry is not a church, nor are we an organized religion. We nevertheless are a physical diaspora of believers in Christ. And therefore are not to forsake gathering together. God has provided a usable resource for use of light with the invention of modern technology. We now can meet together on social media and other platforms to exhort one another and prepare for the glorious moment of the Lord’s return.

The Cost Of Forsaking

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