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Mental Disorder or Evil Spirits: How to Discern

Mental Disorder, or Evil Spirits---or BOTH?

On a case by case basis, noteworthy psychiatrists have consulted   with Catholic priests from a mental health diagnostic prospective, advising  this segment of the professing  Christian community relative to   demonic possession.  However, as a “two in one”  professional counselor and a minister for almost 4 decades,  I am not committed to an “either/or point of view. ” For my unique  experience and perspective continues to be that a person can be both mentally ill and demonized simultaneously.  I find that both conditions are not necessarily  mutually exclusive. Each case must be individually examined based on the prevailing evidence. 

The prevailing distinction between mental  illness and demonic oppression  is whether or not the symptoms are either organic or if they are supernatural. The Lord Jesus plainly  used the phrase, that which is flesh is flesh.  That which is spirit is spirit. What is of the flesh is visible and common to man.  What is spiritual is supernatural or , common to a different species of life which include angels, evil spirits and demons. 

The first place to start is “is to ask “Is this behavior common to man or not?”   in other words, where is the human element? Is this behavior or symbol compatible with the mind, emotions and the will of this person?  Who is in control? Very simply put, the flesh or the material is usually where symptoms applicably  coincide with  the elements of a particular diagnosis in conjunction with   a significant   percentage of the population whose symptoms  are practically the same.  In colloquial terms, if it barks like a dog, if it chases a cat, if it is man’s best friend, then  its a dog. 

Where the spirit or the supernatural is concerned, there are only 2 sides: God or the devil. The questions to ask are “where is this particular delusion or  hallucination  coming from?  Is it God or is it the devil?  What is its motive or goal?  Is it to confuse, weaken,  kill, steal and destroy?  If the answer is YES to even ONE of the above,, then this is the work of the devil.

Here is a very simple example. You are hearing voices telling you to kill yourself.    Is this a part of your mental disorder or is it the voice of an evil spirit?  How do you discern?  First, I  uncover  through counseling all the details to see if this suicidal thought is coming from the person’s soul.  Is this  symptom a part of the person’s persona or diagnosis?  Perhaps.  But what if this person has always been a survivor and has NEVER considered suicide before, as its alien to his or her belief system?  That is easy.  ITS THE DEVIL’S WORK! 

Although this process may seem simple to discern, it isn’t.  Why?  Because knowledge of God, Satan and his strategies,  and the intricate nature  of the person at hand  are the most important variables of this dilemma and briefly  put, “it takes time.”

 One thing is for sure. You can be mentally ill and demonized simultaneously.  How this plays out is that you have an organic dysfunction, either physical, mental or emotional that evil spirits  take  advantage of.  First they use your life’s circumstances including your DNA weakness to cause you to become mentally ill, and then  they turn around and use your mental illness  to demonize, possess or destroy you. 

We  offer help through deliverance counseling by phone and in online groups.

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