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Nigerian Witchcraft and It’s Dangers

Written by Abbi

Nigerian witchcraft and it’s dangers is something my Nigerian family often mentioned to me. Growing up in America, I remember hearing about Nigerian witchcraft; there was so much that I didn’t understand, especially why it was so popular. Some of the things I saw were professing Christians practicing witchcraft type behaviors and seeing nothing wrong with it. I saw Nigerians blend witchcraft practices into their everyday lives. Eventually, those same patterns of occult witchcraft started to influence me, particularly when I was emotionally stressed. This led to turmoil and unhappiness in my life.

The Problems of Nigerian Witchcraft Are Commonly Known Among Nigerians

Many Nigerian families have had conversations about Nigerian witchcraft and it’s dangers. It is portrayed in Nigerian movies; whether as a parody or used as a life lesson warning about why it is so dangerous. I became used to hearing stories of disturbing or unusual potions put together to achieve some desired goal. The inevitable result was; tragedies happening to that person who started those potions and it was the talk of the town. Other Nigerian Americans I knew had similar experiences hearing these stories.

Nigerian witchcraft and it’s dangerous risks are still present despite the knowledge of it’s damaging effects. The love of money, fear, desperation, greed, pride, lust, and generational influences may drive witchcraft behavior. Generational influences that promote witchcraft as acceptable can be passed down. Parents can influence children to believe in witchcraft. The expectation and pressure to continue any cultural witchcraft can be strong.

Fear is an emotion that can lead people to witchcraft. This can grow to the point where the individual loses common sense judgment to make sound decisions. I believe that fear is important for everyone to address. It’s also key to identify what are your deep fears; this knowledge can reduce the risk of seeking witchcraft.

The Damaging Attacks and Control

Witchcraft can cause evil spirits to attack that individual who partakes in it, leading to emotional pain, mental aguish, and repetitive harmful choices in ones life. Demons and fallen angels coming in control of ones life can lead to spiritual torment; evil spirits will continue to fight your individuality, and they will work to try to destroy you in whatever way they think they can. The individual who partakes in witchcraft can be controlled in a way that they lose sight of who they are, and become bound to evil spirits, as if they are in prison. It is noteworthy to point out; since demons and fallen angels hate all humans, the end result is that those evil spirits will eventually turn on you.

I am happy that God saved and protected me from witchcraft. Amazingly, despite my unwise participation; he intervened. What’s even more wonderful is that; miraculously, God caused me to have an unforgettable salvation experience in Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Regardless of how long it took for me to realize that all forms of witchcraft and occultism is a recipe for disaster, it was a powerful lesson learned. I am grateful that God saved me from the dangers of witchcraft occult.

Resist Nigerian Witchcraft Practices

It’s important to take action against Nigerian witchcraft. Resisting it’s practices helps one break free from this evil. No matter how small the act is or how meaningless it may seem, these practices risk having a long lasting harmful presence in your life. It will grow into a burden of continuous darkness. I also believe that superstitious behaviors can influence a person to do witchcraft behaviors. This should be examined and addressed to see if it’s a problem that needs to be overturned in your life.

Nigerian witchcraft can begin at a young age. Parents can invoke fear to children that witchcraft is a last resort when things go wrong. This can continue on as an adult. When it comes to prayer, it can be used as a form of witchcraft; some are taught that this is acceptable. Those who do controlling prayers to cause harm to another person are doing a form of witchcraft.

Examine Yourself

Professing Christians who do witchcraft type behaviors likely do not realize they had a false born again experience. Deceiving spirits strongly influence these individuals. It’s up to the Holy Spirit to give that person a wake up call that it’s deceiving spirits who strongly influence these individuals. A professing Christian’s faith must be examined, especially if the individual finds that he or she is drawn to seducing spirits.

Spells, magic, curses lead to the dark world of evil and can ruin an individuals life. These acts attach the person to the evil spirit realm causing one to be the devils toy. Plus, it gives the enemy permission to control their life. The goal of evil spirits is to eventually destroy the individual in whatever way they can. Many are blind to the fact that evil spirits do not like humans at all. They may try to allude to trying to help the individual, but their ultimate goal is to try to take you down, no matter who you are.

Human Sinful Desires

People use Nigerian witchcraft to get something they want. The sinful nature of all humans are reasons that often lead one to Nigerian witchcraft and it’s dangers. Examples are that a person’s goal may be to steal from others or get rich quickly. Other times it could be to find love or lust. In Nigerian witchcraft, the practicing person, intends to cause harm to another. Nigerians grow up hearing stories about ghastly witchcraft outcomes. Time after time, the story ends with the person who did witchcraft, going through dangerous despair themselves as a result of the witchcraft practiced.

The many angles of Nigerian witchcraft can become filled with patterns of unrealism and thoughts. When a person becomes drawn by these thoughts, the individual becomes a captive to the idea of witchcraft. They let witchcraft take over their lives and cause fear in them. As a result, the aspects of witchcraft, controls their life. That individual must learn to remove the obsession and fear of witchcraft and renounce it.

The Importance of Rejecting Nigerian Witchcraft

I am glad to hear about Nigerians who want to stop the spread of Nigerian witchcraft and it’s dangers in Nigerian society. I urge Nigerians to continue to be alert and cautious to the many ways that witchcraft still exist. The controlling aspect of witchcraft often goes unnoticed, and it puts those who are easily influenced, at risk of being subjected to witchcraft personalities.

Despite generational impact that Nigerian witchcraft can have on a person, the good news is that one can rebuke those witchcraft influences! This is one of the most encouraging things that I learned when I came into Pam Sheppard Ministries; the truth strengthened me as I rid myself of occultist desires.

Nigerian witchcraft can lead to a road of spiritual torment, especially if the individual chooses to mix Christianity. Pam Sheppard Ministries is able to help with any sort of struggle like this.

Get Help So That You Can Overcome

Pastor Pam helped give me the strength to overcome witchcraft influences. She was formerly involved in the occult and became born again in Jesus Christ of Nazareth on March 29, 1977. She coached and counseled me so that I can recover from the aspects of witchcraft and many other spiritual problems. I also read her various meaty books. Those books gave me in depth insight about the deceptive witchcraft evil spirits, coming into individuals lives.

A helpful book to read is: The New Idolatry. This is a book that really helped me. For this book, click the book image below. To contact PSM, call 1-888-818-1117 or email

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