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Reflexions on How to Try the Spirits by Dream Interpretation

In this crucial season, God will communicate to His elect to both advise and warn you on what is about to happen. this book will teach you how to try the spirits to see if they be of God.

As I was finishing up this book, I received future knowledge about the Coronavirus which actually confirmed that my dream was from God.

I wrote the word’s below a few months ago in an article. I think of it as the Ugly Gray Kiddie Covid 19 CAR. This dream was fulfilled yesterday, July 9, 2020. It has been clearly determined who sent this dream, was it God or Satan:

Here is the excerpt from a previous article:

Then in early March of 2020, as I was in the final stages of finishing the book “The Tribulation: Signs to Wonder About,” it was noticed during the editing process that I was mispelling the Covid-19 plague based on the sound of it, and writing CARonavirus. Eventually I was “corrected” and I edited the book’s typos accordingly to the correct spelling, CORona. Yet it is important to note that both God and evil spirits pay unwavering attention to all things in my life, including my typos.

Just a few days after the book’s publication, I dreamed that I was driving in my car on a one way highway with my daughter Zee, chatting and smiling as we usually do when we are sharing a ride together. The only difference from reality is that my daughter is usually driving, as she has the better car while I drive a rusted out 2003 PT Cruiser. Anyway, while driving in the dream, suddenly a dark gray “kiddy car” came out of no where and was about to hit us head on.

There was no driver behind the wheel of this “thing.” Also, the gray headlights covered by darkness, could only be seen about six feet away, because the size of the car hindered visibility. Before my instincts to swerve rose up, the little gray car suddenly swerved to the left which was my right. As it disappeared, and I woke up, the interpretation popped up in my mind, reminding me of my book’s typos. THE LITTLE GRAY CAR WAS CARONAVIRUS. The message? The plague shall “pass you by, Pam.”

Was this dream from God or the Devil?

At this point, I am still trying the spirits as I do not know yet for sure. It could be either one.

So in spite of the positive message within that CAR dream, I have continued to seriously practice social distancing.

Nevertheless, on July 4th, my daughter Zee got involved in all of this. I see now why she was in the dream. In the dream, I was the driver and she was the passenger. That means that I am the one in control. On July 4, I was in attendance at her small pool party. Well Christina had cancelled on the pool party because she had been having symptoms of a cold. She was advised by a Covid 19 hotline not to come to the July 4th gathering and to schedule a test for the following Monday.

Well, Zee got on the phone, considering that Christina was being ridiculously over cautious and my daughter actually persuaded Christina to come out to the pool party. Zee did not ask me about this but when she hung up the phone up, she yelled to all “Christina is coming.”

All in attendance yelled in glee. Everybody but ME. I felt I should have been consulted on this because I thought that Christina had made a wise Covid 19 choice and I thought Zee had made a presumptive play on this. But I said nothing.

We had a good time and I thought I had sufficiently kept up social distancing requirements. Yet two days later, I get a sore throat. I could not swallow. My history is that I really don’t get sick in the summer and if I feel a cold coming on, I suck on a lemon and it’s gone from me quickly.

Yet this flair up was different. The back of my throat was filling up with saliva and it felt like I could not breathe. Since I could not “cough it up” it felt the way Covid 19 patients describe how they feel. I began to think I was headed for a ventilator.

Thoughts came into my mind like “Well, if this is how I am going to “go out” I don’t know why God would do me this way, but I will find out bye and bye, for yet He slay me, I will trust Him.” I will still love Him. Can’t wait to see Him face to face. So all is still good.

Yet suddenly then I remembered the “Gray kidding car dream” that I wrote about a few months ago. I realized that it was about to be determined who that dream was from. if that dream was from God, I did not have “Car”ona virus. If that dream was from the devil, I have it and Satan decided to mock my faith in God. So off to my doctor’s office I went.

The first thing I planned in my mind to do once I know if I have a Corona” death in my near future is to design and sign a contractual agreement with an attorney for Abby and Evan to take over the ministry. I will turn over half of my life savings to them to do the work, and “move on out of here.” But first, I want to find out the results of Christina’s Covid 19 test.

To my dismay, Zee had been so persuasive with Christina, not only did she defy the advice given to her by the hotline on attending the July 4th pool party, Christina actually canceled the appointment to take the test. So if the dream is from Satan, I am not in the driver’s seat. Zee is and I am being mocked. So I need my own Covid -19 test. This “two plus two equals four” type of reasoning was suggesting to me that I was now Covid positive.

My doctor, Elizabeth SANDEL has this Corona thing on lockdown. You come to the office and stay in your car. A nurse comes outside and pokes you with some swab sticks up your nose. You are not released to come into the office unless you are not Covid positive. The test takes 15 minutes to produce results. I got the call and told “come on inside. You do not have Coronavirus.”

When I got inside, my doctor said “you may not have Covid 19 but what you DO have is a kiddie disease”, a huge abscess is behind your right tonsil that is causing this. I am afraid that the antibiotics I can prescribe will not work fast enough to kill the infection and your throat will increase with the mucous and cause you to feel like you are drowning in your own spit. Therefore, I am sending you to the ER to get that abscess cut and drained.

I thank God that Abbi, a registered nurse, was with me from 1 pm, spending the night at my house since the doctors in the ER were trying to get me to stay overnight and I had told the ER doctors “no thank you.” LOL”

Evan will be over today to give me the Christian fellowship I need to rejoice in God with me. For I was wondering if God had sent him from Florida to NY and also Abbi from California to NY to take over this ministry from me, because I may soon pass on to be with God. Well, not yet!!!LOL

I have lived my entire life in NY, 18 years in NYC and Almost 5 decades in upstate NY. So believe me, most in NY want to move to either Florida or California, just because we have cold weather for 3 out of 12 months!!!! Up here, we get no more than 2 serious snow storms in winter. Between the earthquakes and forest fires in Cali and the humidity and tropical storms in Florida, I LOVE NEW YORK!!!!

What I have which is quickly getting under control Is a bacterial ailment mostly suffered by children. THUS, THE KIDDIE CAR! All I have been doing, as children do in the summer, is swim. Every single day that the Sun is out, I am in Zee’s pool. they keep that pool immaculately clean. But who knows. The sun has been out here almost every single day in June. I follow the sun. Like the kiddies do. So since I still have my tonsils, I picked up a “kiddies disease.” I was also told that the bacteria could have come from a piece of meat.

Who knows. But What I have a kiddies disease. Just like my kiddie car dream suggested. It came up on me suddenly, looked like CARonavirus, but It took a swift turn to the right. A right turn in a dream is always an indication of a positive outcome.

So what is the moral of the story?

Where a dream of the future is at hand, stay in doubt and simply wait to find out if it is from God, the devil or your one soul. Also on a practical standpoint concerning the times in which we are now living, GET A CORONAVIRUS TEST.

I feel increased freedom having had the test. I had a few social distancing scares . I will allow no compromises on social distancing any longer.

For the dream book and the Tribulation book and other kindle ebooks, visit For paperbacks visit

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