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Religious Superstitions

Do this, and this bad thing will happen. Don’t do that, and that bad thing will happen. RELIGIOUS SUPERSTITIONS. They incite fear, and bring about a sense of paranoia in people, which keeps folks in bondage. Religious superstitions are not real. They are fear based.

To me, this where the occult and religion tend to join forces. You have the religious side, where you are led to believe that something bad will happen to you if you do a certain thing…and then you have the occult side that encourages you to engage in an occult type of practice, in order to either avoid a bad thing happening, or to try to yield positive results in your life. That is in essence, witchcraft. Both incite fear, bring about a sense of paranoia, and keep folks in bondage. They are beliefs based on BELIEFS, rather than being based on truth. Evil spirits also prey on such situations, and will have you believing all kinds of crazy, untrue things, just to get you to live your life in fear.

Many times, these religious superstitions originate from experiences people have had in the past that they have not effectively dealt with, and therefore they create a fear-based conclusion, rooted in a negative experience they had related to that item or situation they are superstitious about.

It is similar to the, don’t step on a crack or you’ll break your mother’s back OR don’t split the poke syndrome. Now, those examples are quite elementary, but I’m sure you get my drift, here.

They do it a LOT in churches…particularly with the prosperity gospel. We all have seen those late-night religious shows, where folks are making claims that because they gave some exorbitant amount of money, they are magically healed or blessed. So they give and give and give…until they become poor. Unbeknownst to them, it actually RUINS their lives and creates MORE problems for them. People are led to believe that if they don’t contribute a certain amount of money, they won’t be healed or blessed. RELIGIOUS SUPERSTITIONS. God heals and blesses us IN SPITE OF what monetary amount we choose to give or not to give. I am not talking about legitimate counseling sessions, where it is customary to pay for a service you are receiving. I’m speaking about false church-based prosperity teachings that incite fear in people and lead them to believe that they must contribute a certain large sum of money in order for certain situations to improve in their lives. Or thinking you are “cursed” because a certain difficult situation happened to you. Maybe that’s just LIFE. We weren’t promised that everything in this life would be easy.

Another example is that if you don’t say “Grace”, “bless the food,” or pray for your food before you eat, your food will not be good for you to eat or may be tainted in some way or something. Saying “Grace” before meals is a RELIGIOUS PRACTICE, often rooted in RELIGIOUS SUPERSTITIONS. JUST EAT YOUR FOOD!!! When God created the earth and all that is in it in 7 days, he declared, “IT IS GOOD!” So, it is already blessed. If you get sick from eating something, it is not because you didn’t pray first. Sometimes these things just happen. Doesn’t have to have a supernatural reason behind it.

Here at PSM, we believe in helping people to break free from religious (and occult) bondage so that they can live their lives freely, according from the truth based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Nothing we do here is based on Religious Superstitions, but rather on TRUTH. If you are in bondage to Religious Superstitions, and feel that you need to be set free, shoot us an email at:

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