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Removing Spiritual Baggage and Clutter

When we think of clutter and baggage, many refer to materialistic things and items that need to be cleared away in their homes. Baggage builds up over time, if one does not do something about it right away. A person can allow their clutter to become extensive. For instance, they become overwhelmed. Moreover, one can allow themselves to be in bondage to their junk. After that, some may feel they have no way out. Some have difficulty in removing spiritual baggage and clutter. Clutter becomes a mind, emotional and spiritual symbol that causes road blocks and stumbling blocks in their life. This prevents one from being truly victorious. Furthermore, demonic deception and personality problems weigh down many people.

Spiritual Baggage and Clutter Leads to Dangerous Problems

I know what it's like to realize you have personal life problems that were left unattended to. It contributes to dangerous problems. It allows problems to build up over time. This can put a person in serious jeopardy. Evil spirits easily had access over me when my baggage grew. I needed help removing spiritual baggage and clutter. I allowed worldly worries and struggles to bog me down. Consequently it prevented me from being cautious. In fact, I was unable to use my God given free will to use my own judgment. Subsequently, I had difficulty resisting seducing spirits. God and the Holy Spirit led me to Pastor Pam Sheppard, Minister of Exodus Internet Church, who helped me as I was going through difficult road blocks in my life. Pastor Pam Sheppard evaluated my weaknesses. She found out what was causing evil spirits to attack me, and with her help, she helped me take a look at popular, yet false doctrine, Christian practices that was unknowingly causing spiritual clutter in my life. Also, she recognized that I had a counterfeit salvation experience. She helped me renounce the fake Jesus that I was worshipping. Afterward, I started to feel relief from the spiritual attacks. Truly, I knew the truth of the enemy's massive worldwide deception to cause counterfeit births. I continued to work on the other spiritual untidiness that needed to be rid of.

My bad habits were an easy target to evil spirits. God and the Holy Spirit helps remove the unnecessary items that are standing in your way. I realized I could not do it alone, and I needed help. The truth led me to freedom. I now understand the common worldwide satanic deception that many succumbed to.

Different Causes of Spiritual Baggage

Spiritual clutter builds up in many ways. People can be influenced by wrong teachings from others. There are unrealistic Christian teachings that mislead people. It leads to spiritual untidiness. Some Christian leaders influence people to use divination or prophetic type sayings, to help fix their problems and this draws people to witchcraft like practices. This causes them to lust after supernatural signs. Some signs and wonders come from the devil. For example, occultism mixed into Christianity is common in this day and age. Trying the spirits is important, otherwise once the person accepts this mixture, it causes confusion. Evil spirits gain more control when confusion happens. Another example of spiritual clutter is the need for instant gratification. Physical or emotional thoughts in our mind causes ourselves to feel pleasure, yet that pleasure is often short lived. This leads to a person wanting more. Spiritual clutter builds up when a person's own selfish needs become their center. God and the Holy Spirit, shows you just how bad your spiritual clutter has been. Junkiness can cause people to experience mistakes and turmoil. God allows us to go through hardships so that we see the junk and learn from what we did wrong.

Removing Spiritual Clutter

Spiritual clutter often comes from desires to want what is unnecessary. The individual gets to the point where they think there is nothing wrong, until, one day, their baggage is large. Spiritual clutter gets in the way of productivity. When God is leading you down the path to true salvation in Jesus Christ of Nazareth, he will expose spiritual untidiness.

The Holy Spirit will draw those predestined by God to the cross of Jesus, repentance of sins, and have faith to believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. It is impossible to get true salvation by allowing humans to be the one to choose salvation. Accepting Jesus to come into their hearts, or saying a sinner's prayer ushers in a false conversion. Furthermore, true salvation is a gift, with the timing unexpected. After the gospel has been heard in full, the Holy Spirit draws one to salvation.

Spiritual clutter should be rejected! Start removing spiritual baggage and clutter. The path to freedom from spiritual baggage involves rejecting it.

After many years of going through religious detox, with the help of Exodus Internet Church, the Holy Spirit drew me to true salvation in Jesus Christ of Nazareth, as I was sitting down with other members of our Ministry. Click here for my born again testimony. I continue to grow and learn as a child maturing in Christ. I marvel at the lessons the Lord has shown me.

The E-Book The Church of the End Time Zombies has been able to help many who experienced spiritual warfare they were unable to fight. Some say they were healed after reading this book. Click the book image below if you would like this e-book. If you are interested in joining Exodus Internet Church, call 1-888-818-1117.

Written by Abby

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Feb 24, 2022

Yup, I was comfortable with bondage. Simply because I thought "This is normal." But, while I was in the church and deceived, God eventually lead me to believe, "This is NOT normal." Which eventually lead me to seek out deliverance with EIC. We have to refuse to tolerate and believe that bondage is normal!!!!!! And still to this day, as a born again Christian, I still have to keep in mind "What is normal" and "What is NOT normal" for myself. It's essential to my freedom and victory in Christ as I learned here at EIC. I think what becomes challenging is when things have NOT been normal for so long....but it's simple, like fishing. You just have to "catch"…

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