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Run To Win The Race

ON YOUR MARK, get set, GO! As the blast of a gun goes off. The moment you become born-again you are qualified for the race of a lifetime, literally. Yet, you gotta run to win the race…

You Have The Strength

Once you are born again, you receive grace. A grace “in which you stand” that empowers you to run with boldness, power, and might. You receive talents, gifts, and at the end of the race is a “calling” or the “prize.” Namely, the “inheritance” of the Kingdom of God.

God would not enter us into a race, and not give us what we need to finish and win. No, He has blessed us with everything we need. Yet, “if we lack wisdom” just ask in faith and He will give. Of course, if we doubt His power then we begin to waver and lose our footing.

The Israelites also were in the same race and heard the Gospel. They were delivered by the Son Himself. On the course to “the promise.” But, they lost faith and got distracted…


Every runner is zoned in on the goal. When you run to win, you are not comparing yourself to the person next to you. Not looking at the cheering or booing crowds. But, you are fully focused on overcoming and being the victor of the race.

I know, from personal experience the Devil operates with distractions. All designed to get me to run with uncertainty, and apathy. As of now, I have to watch myself as he tries to captivate my attention on things that do not matter. Things temporary, perishing, and not abiding.

How do I overcome this and run to win the race?

Faith Helps The Win

A prime example is our Pastor, Pamela Sheppard. By faith, Pastor Pam left all behind, only keeping her salvation upon leaving the corrupt visible church. She lost everything but was in no way “disqualified” from the run. She brushed-off “the dust” and is pressing on to the hope of her calling in Christ. Full speed ahead.

One of our members is also an example. By faith, she left the fading riches of San Francisco to be with the ministry. Knowing, something greater lies ahead.

Another member too, by faith gave up her comfort and moved closer to the ministry to help, as she awaits her salvation. Also, knowing a greater hope abounds.

I now too can join, and say by faith, I left behind the sub-tropical paradise of Florida. All to focus more on the Lord and the ministry He called me to. Knowing that the calling of Christ is greater than beaches and nice weather.

Yes, there are more examples of faith in our ministry. But, the question that needs to be asked is:

Who is running the run to win the race?


Of course, we don’t run in selfish ambition nor in vain. But, we run, knowing that we are the last church age. The final generation of believers who carry the relay baton to the finish line.

In the secular, the fastest racers are usually placed at the final hand-off. Known as “the anchors.” In other words, we need to be at a zealous pace as we approach the finish line.

We cannot be “fast and slow.” By fast, it’s important (as I am learning) not to be overlooking fundamentals. Or, trying to skip ahead, and miss important processes. But, running fast is simply running the run to win the race.

Need Encouragement?

Every serious, professional, winning racer has a trainer, a coach. Someone who cheers, corrects, disciplines, shapens-up, and encourages the racer—all part of a design to help you run to win the race. The danger of a runner is if they lose connection with their coach. Since, how can a runner “be challenged” to win (metaphorically speaking) ?

Our Pastor wrote multiple books all written to help you win. And, she has telephone counseling available to enhance your training to the max. As well as our ministry power groups.

We are here to help you run! So, if you are in the race brethren, run to win the race! Whatever weight the Devil has placed on your ankles. Whatever distractions stand on the side. Get rid’ of it. Keep your eyes on the prize. And get the help you need from your coach. Go!

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