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Satan’s War Ship

Satan has been at war with God for a very long time. From the very beginning Satan‘s job was to worship God as the most prestigious of his angels. He was to worship the Almighty God day and night without question, without complaint and without doubt. Over time, Satan became jealous of the attention and worship that others gave to God and he wished to have that for himself. This is when Satan also known as Lucifer decided to begin convincing other angels that God was not the top authority and he started campaigning for heavenly political office. Satan’s ability to deceive the other angels and convince them that God Almighty was not so and that he who is God’s servant and chosen worshiping Angel should be in charge instead. This act is the ultimate smack in the face to God in terms of the position that Satan was given as a favored angel. Satan was full of lust for power, full of pride that fueled his efforts to thwart the power of The Lord.

Satan is a jealous bastard. The father of the son of perdition. Satan is the original dragon, the original serpent seed. Satan is the leader of citizen Caine. Satan is full of envy and hatred. Satan was extremely vain his attempts to usurp the power of the Almighty God. Satan is a clever con man. Satan is charismatic scum. Satan uses wrath and deceptions against the children of God. Satan has worked to create the gluttony of all goods and services, has brainwashed many through media, education and politics. Satan has encouraged the idolatry of materialism, the enhancement of narcissism via social media, Satan keeps people pinned down in a stupor with the daily assignments of his legion of demons. Satan encourages and torments all who are of and all who are not of God. Satan is a demonic salesman that is looking to convince you to buy his best deals. Many have signed their names in blood, paying homage to the angel of Death.

Satan was given the authority on earth by Almighty God. Satan abused his authority in Heaven to be a worshipper and leader amongst God’s most beloved angelic beings. Satan abused his position and he abused his place in the heavenly kingdom and was therefore cast out to his utter embarrassment. Due to Satan being cast out of heaven and sent down to earth and the flame of fire to rule this place, Satan has been looking for worship from human beings since the beginning of time. Satan is the root cause of all things that are not of God. Satan or Lucifer has been given permission to rule and reign with destruction and manipulation and lies on this planet. Everything that Satan and Lucifer due to the human beings of this place has been permissions and commissioned by the God Almighty. What’s interesting, is that Lucifer once held the highest position of Angel and now he is a lowly earthly worker in the third dimension with Jesus Christ of Nazareth being held in higher regard than he is, as a human born son of man and the son of God simultaneously who is also God Almighty himself.

Satan has no power in this place other than the permission that has been given him from God to torment his people. The earth is Satan’s war ship where he wants all of his inhabitants to worship him. All idolatry, all false practices, and all false religions want to misguide and misdirect and mislead earths inhabitants into worshipping something that is not of God. Satan is the father of lies and so many people have been born into systems of lies, grew up believing in lies, have lived lives full of lies, spread lies to others and promoted lies within their own family members and children, they have been lied to by the false doctrines of the church, they have been lied to about the false doctrines of government, they have been lied to by the false doctrine of human law, they have been lied to by Satan and his followers.

Satan has turned the earth into a war-ship, a battle ready battalion, sitting upon the earthy firmament and aimed directly at the heavenly firmaments. Satan is building armies of destruction that have been designed to destroy the people of God. Satan has been and will continue to wage war against God at every moment and he works against God at every chance for eons and beyond. Satan wants the love of earths people that leads to spiritual, mental and physical destruction and damnation. Satan is sitting in the Institutional Church, he is sitting in top global positions, he is sitting close to the disobedient and the tormented, he could be sitting close to you. Satan want to control us, he wants our dedications to be given to him at any cost. Satan will never deserve worship from anything, even himself.

She Warrior of God

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