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Seeking Approval From Others

Seeking Approval From Others: A Closer Look

Are you a Christian seeking approval from others? Are you bending over backwards, trying to fit in somewhere? There are some that are anxiously seeking approval from others. This can lead to a lack of identity. It can also lead to people pleasing a group or a person so that they can fit in. There can be this expectation that one must morph into an unrealistic person. Yet time and time again, life shows us this is unhealthy. Being who you are and accepted for that is the beauty of true friendship and love. Many times I have seen in Christian religious settings how badly people pretend to be who they are not.

The Role That Church Plays

The church system in today’s age has a part in all this. Countless individuals lose their sense of self. They spend time trying to be a person that they are not. For example one of the most common things the church pressures is to have instant faith in Jesus.

Individuals not yet born again in the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth are trying to create instant salvation. The person may do this in order to impress their peers in the church. This results in a false conversion and false faith. However, the person continues to sin over and over again. In addition the person is subjected to unknowingly worshipping a religious evil spirit. These spirits will find a way to wreak some sort of unhealthy chaos in their life.

The Real You Matters

The Real You

It is common to feel the need to be appreciated but pretending to be who you are not doesn’t help a real relationship grow for the better. A group, friend, or any type of relationship you value should be allowed to see the real you and if there is fear of showing who one really is, that needs to be examined and prodded into why this is so. An individual acting different than who they are becomes a secretive person. Then the one on the receiving end has no idea who this person really is.

Wanting Approval in Church

Unfortunately a lot of this is going on in the institutional church system. People are putting on a fake persona and may do religious practices as a result. To add to this people have the idea that attending church regularly makes you automatically “good”. A person can trick their mind into thinking that doing habitual religious church practices means they are holy but unfortunately that persons dark sinful nature likely gets excused away.

Churches, historically in the Bible were meant to teach and preach the gospel of Christ, in addition edify born again Christians who were given faith to believe in Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and warn true believers of evil among their environment. Now in the church system, they are about promoting people to “accept Jesus” and making it seem like an individual can make a decision to be a born again Christian. Many actually have no desire for Christ at all.

It is human pattern to want varying types of relationships. When it gets to the extent that a person becomes desperate for acceptance we need to stop and think why we are doing this. What is the underlying issue? An individual struggling with seeking approval from others should evaluate their selves. Has it gotten to the extent where one is pretending to be who they are not? Is this a self esteem issue? Are we incapable of facing our fears?

Seeking Approval

Seeking approval from others was a problem for me in the past. I had to fight against this issue. Years ago I went to church consistently. I didn’t get the support I was looking for and could not find real genuine love and encouragement from people that claimed to offer this. There was a struggle with standing firm with who I was. I tried to fit into the idealism of who the church system thought I should be. This didn’t help me at all. In fact it worsened my struggles with this issue.

Thankfully, the Holy Spirit led me to Pastor Pamela Sheppard and her Ministry. I learned to detox from religious bondage. I broke free! Pastor Pam realistically empowered me to strive to be the best me I can be. As she has continued to mentor, coach and counsel me, she has shown what true support and love is and that being the real me is valued. I understand the importance of being my true self.

Seeking Approval: Help Is Available

At Pam Sheppard Ministries we have the ability to help you if you are struggling with this problem. Also, we are able to provide counseling for your specific target problem areas. If you want our help, call 1-888-818-1117 or email We also have many resources that can help you, including varying books, e-books, and Kindle books that can guide you. The Kindle Book Beware Christian: Religion Produces Zombies is certainly an eye opener!

We also have another website: Resurrection Solutions available for you to learn the uncovered truths that have been hidden to many. You can view our membership options and select which choice you think is best for you.

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